Love Is Blind’s Danielle Ruhl opens up about her relationship with husband Nick: ‘Fate brought us together’

Love Is Blind star Danielle Ruhl shares why she believes fate brought her to husband Nick Thompson.
Danielle Ruhl believes fate brought her and husband Nick Thompson together. Pic credit: Netflix

Love Is Blind star Danielle Ruhl was one of the lucky few who found love in the pods during Season 2.

After speaking to Nick Thompson and bonding over their shared interests and life goals, the two felt an instant connection with one another. They quickly planned a wedding and got married just weeks after meeting face-to-face.

Now, after nearly a year of marriage, Danielle is sharing why she believes she and her husband were always destined to be together.

Danielle believes fate helped her find love

Since the entirety of Season 2 aired on Netflix, Danielle has been excited to share special moments between herself and her husband with the world. She uses her social media accounts to keep fans in the loop about how things have been going since the cameras stopped filming.

In a post dedicated to her marriage, Danielle shares with the world the reasons she believes her relationship with husband Nick was always meant to be.

She starts by saying how she believes fate was at work and how there were multiple moments prior to the two meeting where she and Nick were in places at the same time and didn’t even know it.

Danielle shares some examples of these times. She says that in the past, Nick lived in an apartment next to her best friend whom she would visit often. She writes, “I’m sure there are countless times that I ran into him, and my friends had partied at his apartment – but we never met.”

Danielle also has friends who have lived across the street from Nick in the place the two now share together. He also applied for a job at a company that was owned by Danielle’s dad. She says at that time, she was also an intern there.

While reflecting on these moments that she calls “missed connections,” Danielle says these were the things that made their connection so strong. She writes, “when we started talking in the pods it felt as if I knew him for years.”

Life after Love Is Blind

Since filming for Love Is Blind has ended and the show has aired, Danielle and Nick seem to be fully embracing married life. They are often posting about their adventures together, which include brunch dates, family gatherings, and even attending award shows.

Danielle has spoken openly about the importance of understanding mental health. She’s shared on her Instagram how it has impacted her life and even how she was portrayed on the show.

She has also kept in touch with other cast members, including Deepti and Iyanna. Although she has not spoken about the drama or relationship statuses of anyone from the show, Danielle has expressed her gratitude for their friendship and the bond they’ve created.

Love Is Blind is currently streaming on Netflix.

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