Love Is Blind viewers drag Micah Lussier for her ‘jet setting’ lifestyle

Micah during LIB S4
Micah is under fire from Love Is Blind viewers once again. Pic credit: Netflix

Love Is Blind alum Micah Lussier isn’t earning herself any more fans.

Dubbed one of Season 4’s “mean girls,” Micah has come under fire from Love Is Blind viewers ever since she appeared on the Netflix dating experiment.

Between rubbing viewers the wrong way by teaming up with fellow “mean girl” Irina Solomonova to getting flirty with Chelsea Griffith’s fiance, Kwame Appiah, Micah can’t seem to move past the online hate she receives.

The 27-year-old marketing manager’s haters were out in full force once again, this time in the comments section of her most recent Instagram post.

In the carousel post, Micah posed for two photos, seated inside a luxury private jet. The Seattle native was clad in a white tank and light-washed jeans and wore her long, blonde hair down in the snaps.

The caption explained that Micah was advertising Set Jet, her latest promotion since becoming a social media influencer, thanks to her Netflix fame.

“Officially a #setjetmember ???,” Micah wrote. “Flying private has never been easier. Click the link to join —> @setjet.”

Set Jet is “a Membership based private jet charter program, available exclusively for its security pre-screened and approved Members.”

The company boasts that it bypasses “traditional inconveniences” such as “advance notice for booking flights, price premiums for last-minute travel, extensive time allowance for driving to primary airports, check-in requirements, security delays, and parking expenses.”

In Micah’s comments section, she was met with plenty of backlash from her critics.

Love Is Blind viewers put Micah Lussier on blast in her recent jet-setting post

One such critic accused Micah of fibbing about being in a jet and assumed the photos were taken in a “fake private jet mock-up studio.”

Others slammed her for being “another rich person adding to the climate crisis.”

“Flying private is extremely puloten,” wrote another, who brought up her former fiance, Paul Peden, who is an environmental scientist. “Have you not learned from dating an environmental scientist?”

micah lussier's critics called her out on her set jet post on instagram
Micah’s critics dragged her in her latest social media influencer post. Pic credit: @micah.lussier/Instagram

Echoing the sentiment regarding environmental pollution, another hater wrote, “This is literally the last thing the planet needs.”

Another mocked Micah, accusing her of going on Love Is Blind purely to become a social media influencer.

What has Micah been up to since Love Is Blind Season 4?

Since her time on Netflix’s wildly popular dating show, Micah has seemingly moved past her breakup with Paul. However, she surprised Love Is Blind viewers when she shared a black-and-white video montage of never-before-seen footage of herself and Paul last month.

Micah proclaimed her love for Paul in the caption, writing, “No matter what I’ll always love you ?.”

Paul reciprocated the notion, taking to the comments to express his undying love for his former fiancee.

“My love for you isn’t going anywhere. Maybe we’re together, maybe we’re not, but regardless, we’ll still have that no matter what,” he wrote.

Then, earlier this month, Micah revealed that she and Paul still have their engagement/wedding rings. When asked what she was going to do with hers, Micah said she was thinking about doing a giveaway.

As far as moving on and dating again after her breakup with Paul? Micah told her Instagram followers, “Im ready. Just not forcing it. I want to meet my person when the time is right.”

Season 4 of Love Is Blind is currently streaming on Netflix.

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