Love Is Blind star Micah Lussier begs fans and critics to stop posting ‘hateful’ comments about appearance

Micah Lussier LIB Season 4
Micah sent a message to promote positivity on social media. Pic credit: Netflix

Love Is Blind Season 4 contestant Micah Lussier is tired of the negativity she sees on social media, especially when it comes to looks.

The 27-year-old marketing manager recently went online to ask her followers to tread lightly in reference to other people’s appearances.

In an Instagram post shared ahead of the weekend, Micah posed in a form-fitting gray dress as she stood on a balcony outside her bedroom.

Holding a black coffee mug in one hand, Micah had a serious expression on her face and an important message in the caption of the carousel of photos.

“Hi guys! I want to acknowledge that while there has been a lot of love and support, there has also been a lot of negativity on social media the last few weeks,” Micah’s caption began. “And I feel I have to say this.. please, just leave looks out of it.”

The self-confessed “travel junkie” told her 293,000 Instagram followers that she’s received a lot of “heartbreaking” DMs from people who say they’ve been negatively affected by “hateful” comments.

“The impact of your words can be hurtful, especially to those who feel like they don’t fit in societies narrow definition of beauty,” Micah penned, ending her caption with a reminder to her followers that they’re beautiful and to celebrate their differences.

Love Is Blind critics slam Micah Lussier’s ‘insincere’ post

Not everyone felt that Micah’s post was genuine, however. In the comments section, there were quite a few naysayers who expressed that Micah’s attempt to seem sincere came across as disingenuous because of the photos she included.

“But why use a thirst trap photo for a ‘sincere’ message?” read one comment.

Another told Micha, “girl these photos don’t match the vibe you’re trying to portray.”

micah lussier came under fire for her post on instagram
Micah’s critics felt her post was insincere. Pic credit: @micah.lussier/Instagram

Another one of Micah’s critics joked that she posts the “most stunningly beautiful photos” while reminding people to “leave looks out of it,” echoing the other commenters’ sentiments.

Micah was labeled a ‘mean girl’ during her time on Love Is Blind

During her time on Season 4 of Love Is Blind, Micah caught quite a bit of heat from viewers who felt she was a “mean girl.”

To cite a couple of instances, Micah and her castmate, Irina Solomonova, were caught on filming mocking another contestant following a breakup. Then, during the group trip to Mexico, Micah got flirty with Chelsea Griffith’s then-fiance, Kwame Appiah.

Despite the fire she came under, Micah found support from her ex-fiance, Paul Peden.

Paul spoke with E! News earlier this month and defended both Micah and Irina.

“I know that they made mistakes, but they do not deserve that intensity of criticism,” Paul said of the pair. “It’s just not fair. It’s not right.”

Season 4 of Love Is Blind is currently streaming on Netflix.

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