Love Is Blind star Bartise Bowden secretly welcomes a son, child’s mom revealed

Bartise Bowden Love Is Blind cast photo
Bartise recently introduced the world to his son. Pic credit: Netflix

Netflix star Bartise Bowden has apparently been busy since his appearance on reality TV.

Bartise first appeared in Season 3 of Love Is Blind when he formed a connection with Nancy Rodriguez and proposed to her in the pods, sight unseen, only to stand her up at the altar.

Bartise went on to look for love again on Season 1 of Netflix’s Perfect Match. He formed a match and partnered with Izzy Fairthorne, but after returning home, they called it quits.

Now, it’s been revealed that the Netflix reality TV star secretly welcomed a son.

Bartise, whose legal name is Robert Bartise Bowden, shared the exciting news on Instagram in a carousel post featuring himself and his newborn son.

In the first photo, Bartise’s baby boy enjoyed a snooze while he lay on his dad’s chest, grasping his finger with his tiny hand.

The second slide was a video in which the newborn was wide awake, watching Tiger Woods golfing on TV with his dad. Bartise revealed his son’s name in the clip when he told him, “Say hi, Hayden!”

Bartise held his son in the third photo for an adorable father-son snap and posed for several more photos, including some in which they donned their St. Patrick’s Day gear.

Bartise captioned the photos, “Might’ve been the villain on tv, but I’m gonna be the hero for him. Instagram, meet my little man ❤️ #bigfella.”

While many of Bartise’s followers expressed their congratulations for the Netflix star, many more wanted answers — specifically, they were curious about who Bartise’s baby mama is as well as the timeline of events.

Love Is Blind and Perfect Match viewers want answers about Bartise Bowden’s relationship timeline

One of Baritse’s curious fans wrote, “someone tag me when you find out who the mom is ?”

“The math ain’t mathing,” commented another one of Bartise’s followers, who was clearly confused and wanted answers. “He did two shows back to back wouldn’t that mean he left girl pregnant at home to go find someone else on a dating show?”

Season 3 of Love Is Blind premiered in the fall of 2022, while Perfect Match debuted in February 2023. However, although the timelines seem to overlap, Bartise’s season of Love Is Blind was filmed in 2021, and Perfect Match was filmed in March 2022.

bartise bowden's instagram followers want answers
Bartise’s followers want answers. Pic credit: @bartiseb/Instagram

Mocking the fact that Bartise said “no” to Nancy Rodriguez at the altar during Love Is Blind, another wrote, “Goes from not ready to commit to 18 years, she got you for 18 years ?”

One Instagram user expressed their confusion, writing, “I think we missed a chapter.”

Bartise’s son Aiden’s mother’s identity has been revealed

Luckily for Bartise’s curious fans and followers, Us Weekly did some investigative work and revealed the identity of his baby mama.

Per court documents obtained by the outlet, Bartise’s baby mama is 25-year-old Texas-based Olivia Gross. Us Weekly reports that legal documents were filed on April 3 related to Bartise’s son, listing Olivia as Aiden’s mother.

Life & Style reports that Olivia, who has gone private on social media, revealed that Aiden was born in December 2022.

“Little nugget is 1 month old today,” Olivia wrote on social media in January 2023. “He is already rolling over and holding his head up. He is already in 3 month clothing(has been for about a week and a half). He is 9lbs 15oz as of last Tuesday.”

Neither Bartise nor Olivia has confirmed whether they’re still together, nor have they responded to Life & Style’s request for comment.

Season 4 of Love Is Blind is currently streaming on Netflix, with new episodes dropping on Friday, April 14.

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