Love is Blind: Shake Chatterjee says Deepti is ‘playing up this victim thing,’ insinuates Shayne uses cocaine

Shayne Jansen, Shake Chatterjee, and Deepti Vempati of Love is Blind Season 2
Shake Chatterjee threw more shade at his Love is Blind castmates. Pic credit: Netflix

Shake Chatterjee continued to prove why Love is Blind Season 2 viewers found him insufferable with recent comments he made about his ex, Deepti Vempati, and their castmate, Shayne Jansen.

Season 2 of Love is Blind set out to prove once again that singles can fall in love, sight unseen, only talking to their prospective partners through a wall.

Shake and Deepti formed an intense emotional connection that seemed strong enough to carry their relationship into marriage. However, Shake’s focus on physical appearance drove Deepti to say “I don’t” at the altar.

Shake Chatterjee on ex Deepti Vempati: ‘She’s playing up this victim thing so hard’

In a recent interview on The Domenick Nati Show, Shake told Domenick that he feels his ex is playing up being a “victim” amid their breakup.

When Domenick asked Shake the last time he spoke to Deepti, the 33-year-old veterinarian said, “Like, we haven’t really talked since the reunion.”

“I’m like hurt that like she’s playing up this victim thing so hard when we had so much fun,” Shake said. “And I took [such] good care of her.”

Shake continued to talk about the rest of his Love is Blind castmates, and felt that they all acted in ways to “protect their image,” which he felt was created by the way they were portrayed on the show.

Shake strongly hints Love is Blind castmate Shayne Jansen uses cocaine

One of Shake’s other castmates, Shayne Jansen, was his next topic of discussion during the interview.

Domenick brought up that rumors have been swirling that Shayne uses cocaine. When he asked Shake about his take on it, the Chicago native didn’t dispel the rumors.

In true Shake fashion, he rapidly blinked one eye repeatedly while he mockingly answered, “I’m not allowed to say… I’m not allowed to say anything to that extent. But all I can say is use your critical judgment and don’t be an idiot. And everything you’re thinking is probably right.”

Shayne recently showed off his before-and-after body transformation after working on his physique for the past year.

Shake’s comments come on the heels of comments he made about another Season 2 contestant, Kyle Abrams.

According to Shake, Kyle only joined Love is Blind to become famous, not to find love, saying he made it about his “whole personality, like their whole being” to go on the show for fame.

Seasons 1 and 2 of Love is Blind are currently streaming on Netflix.

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