Love Is Blind: Jackie reveals why she missed the reunion, claims Marshall called her ‘transphobic slur’

Jackie and Marshall cast photos Netflix
Jackie and Marshall have “moved on” since their appearance on Love Is Blind. Pic credit: Netflix

Love Is Blind contestant Jackelina “Jackie” Bonds is explaining herself and taking accountability for her words and actions.

The Love Is Blind Season 4 reunion had its fair share of ups and downs, between failing to stream live on time (leaving viewers waiting for hours), the hosts’ “cringy” and “biased” behavior, and some cast members not showing up at all.

Hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey sat down to get the tea from the four couples who found love and got engaged sight unseen, as well as the one couple — Paul Peden and Micah Lussier — who got engaged but didn’t go through with getting married.

Jackie and her new boyfriend, Josh Demas, made an appearance during the reunion but didn’t attend in person.

Jackie and Josh spoke with host Vanessa Lachey in a private interview, which was taped ahead of the reunion. Jackie explained on Instagram why she and Josh prerecorded their segment.

Although she was adamant about attending, she claimed on social media that producers urged her and Josh not to come for their own safety.

Jackie Bonds said she and Josh Demas received death threats ahead of the Love Is Blind Season 4 reunion

“Me & Josh did not attend the ‘live reunion’ due to death threats being sent to us and Netflix,” Jackie wrote in her Instagram Story earlier this week.

“Netflix decided to keep up safe & have us do that one on one with Vanessa. We fought & fought to be there & they said it was better to protect us and them. So be it.”

During her Zoom appearance at the reunion, Jackie shocked viewers when she accused Marshall of using a “transphobic” slur toward her, something that Marshall denied.

According to Marshall’s recollection of events, Jackie called him out for his “sexual preferences,” so he felt it was only fair to take a jab at her.

Jackie reportedly sent text messages to her friends, which were leaked online, questioning Marshall’s sexuality. Per Page Six, Jackie allegedly told her friends, “I don’t want to hear y’all at my wedding yelling that he has sugar in his tank either please. I can just hear y’all b***hes yelling, ‘HES A TEAPOT.'”

Jackie says she and Marshall Glaze have ‘moved on’ following accusations of a ‘transphobic’ slur

Later in the week, Jackie took to her Instagram feed to clarify some things. She apologized, took accountability for her “actions and words” aimed at Marshall, and thanked him for doing the same.

“I also would like to thank Marshall for taking accountability [for] the derogatory comment that was made off camera,” Jackie wrote, adding, “Marshall and I have personally apologized to each and also took accountability for our actions and have moved on.”

Marshall denied using a slur but admitted, “I said, ‘You know, you got a strong jawline. You coulda been a man for all I know.'”

“I thought it was a safe space because she’s coming at me, calling me out for my sexual preferences… I did not say a specific term. I did not use a derogatory word, no,” Marshall told host Vanessa Lachey.

Season 4 of Love Is Blind is currently streaming on Netflix.

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