Love Is Blind fans think they’ve figured out who Bartise Bowden is dating

Bartise IG Reel Nov 2022
Bartise has been spotted with a mystery woman. Pic credit: @bartiseb/Instagram

Bartise Bowden seemingly has a new woman in his life, and Love Is Blind fans think they’ve figured out who she is.

During Season 3 of the Netflix dating experiment, Bartise met and fell in love with Nancy Rodriguez.

Although the two got engaged in the pods sight unseen, Bartise shocked Nancy, her family, and Love Is Blind viewers when he said, “I don’t” at the altar.

Following his stint on Love Is Blind, Bartise tried his hand at love once again on another Netflix dating show. This time, the 27-year-old reality TV star joined Season 1 of Perfect Match and paired with Izzy Fairthorne, but their romance didn’t last.

Since his time on reality TV, Bartise has become a first-time father, welcoming his son, Hayden, with Olivia Gross, as Monsters and Critics previously reported.

Although Bartise is no longer with his baby’s mother, he is seemingly in another relationship, and some eagle-eyed Love Is Blind viewers have done some detective work to figure out who she is.

Love Is Blind alum Bartise Bowden is rumored to be dating Cait Vanderberry

In a recent Instagram post, Bartise shared a carousel of photos of himself and a mystery woman enjoying a romantic dinner at Reunion Tower in Dallas, Texas. In two of the photos, a woman’s hand could be seen toasting Bartise.

Bartise captioned his carousel of photos, “Cheers ?.”

The hawk-eyed investigators did some searching on social media. They discovered that a woman named Cait Vanderberry — who wore the same jewelry and had the same manicure — posted photos to her Instagram on the same day and from the same location.

In Cait’s photos, she was captured gazing out the windows in one shot and staring at the photographer, seemingly Bartise, in the second. She captioned her post, “trying new restaurants: a memoir ?️ ?.”

cait vanderberry's instagram post
Cait’s Instagram post was taken from the same restaurant on the same day as Bartise’s. Pic credit: @coolbeanscait_/Instagram

Bartise and Cait tease Love Is Blind fans with their comments

Then, in the comments section of Cait’s post, she and Bartise gave away some clues as they got flirty and joked with each other.

“Your phone is on the table in front of you… who’s phone took the pic? ?” Bartise asked, to which Cait jokingly replied, “some rando.”

bartise bowden and cait vanderberry comment on her Instagram post
Bartise and Cait interacted in the comments section of her post. Pic credit: @coolbeanscait_/Instagram

Cait is also based out of Dallas, and she and Bartise follow each other on Instagram. In fact, Bartise has reportedly liked and commented on some of her former photos online.

Bartise has yet to mention anything about Hayden’s mother, 25-year-old Texas-based Olivia, but it appears by his online activity that they’re no longer together but that they are co-parenting their son.

Season 4 of Love Is Blind is currently streaming on Netflix.

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