Love Is Blind fans furious after seeing Jimmy flirt with AD in front of Chelsea

Love is Blind contestant, Jimmy.
Jimmy from Love is Blind. Pic credit: Netflix

Love Is Blind fans are collectively starting to notice something about one of the new couples.

Based on the first few episodes of Season 6, Jimmy isn’t exactly loving his decision.

He was stuck narrowing down options between Jessica and Chelsea. Ultimately, he decided to move forward with Chelsea.

After seeing her, he started making comments about the fact that she doesn’t look how he hoped she would.

After meeting up with the rest of their cast mates from the pods, he instantly seemed to have a bit of attraction for AD.

He went as far as to start flirting with AD in front of Chelsea. Love Is Blind viewers are disturbed – and they’re opening up about it online.

Jimmy made inappropriate comments on camera

Before Jimmy even started flirting with AD, he whispered something super inappropriate about her to Chelsea.

He described AD as “stacked” when referring to her chest.

Chelsea was taken aback by his words because she didn’t expect him to say something like that to her face.

As a way of trying to make light out of the uncomfortable situation, Chelsea went ahead and started complementing AD’s body herself.

Chelsea admitted that didn’t love the idea of her future husband making remarks about another woman’s body and later revealed that she didn’t know how else to react or respond.

Social media users are in an uproar

Multiple Reddit threads have been launched to talk about the weird situation that took place between AD, Jimmy, and Chelsea.

Some people think AD was eating it up and flirting with Jimmy right back.

Others feel like AD was nothing more than a victim who was trying to avoid confrontation in a messy moment.

One person wrote, “Prob edited to look like that more, but she is not flirting. Girl was a patriots cheerleader during super bowls, and cheered for the hornets.

“She’s a smoke show and probably got football players and can still get any guy she wants. You for real think she’s dtf Jimmy lol…”

As a reminder, AD used to work as a professional cheerleader before signing up for Love Is Blind.

Someone else defended AD by saying, “She was in a completely uncomfortable position, prompted by Chelsea loudly discussing jimmy’s comments about ADs body.

Social media users discuss LIB.
Redditors discuss Jimmy and AD. Pic credit: Reddit

“She made the best of it by swapping the conversation from being overly sexual to a real conversation and her body language the moment it ended made it clear she felt tense and uncomfortable during the conversation.”

While fans are divided about whether or not AD was flirting back, they do know for sure that they’re bothered by Jimmy flirting with her in the first place.

New episodes of Love Is Blind hit Netflix on Wednesdays.

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Nancy Williams
Nancy Williams
1 month ago

Chelsey got exactly what she asked for! Not only did he flirt with AD. He called Chelsey Jessica. I don’t feel sorry for her.