Love Is Blind fans agree the ‘bean dip’ joke about AD’s body went too far

AD is a LIB contestant.
AD from Love is Blind. Pic credit: Netflix

Love Is Blind is interesting to watch because it’s a reality TV dating show that doesn’t focus on looks.

When two people fall in love on Love Is Blind, it’s not supposed to be based on physical attraction.

Romantic connections are supposed to form based on shared interests and emotional chemistry.

One of the contestants from Season 6 has been dealing with the repercussions of being hyper sexualized about her castmates.

We are referring to none other than AD, a single woman in her 20s looking for true love.

Some of the Love Is Blind contestants made a joke about her chest regarding “bean dip” — and they definitely took it too far.

The bean dip joke

AD found out that some of her costars made a joke about her chest while she wasn’t around.

Laura is another contestant who connected with a man named Jeramey. After all the couples met each other in person for the first time, she privately told him he should “bean dip” AD.

To specify what that means, bean dipping someone is smacking the top of their breast before smacking the bottom of it.

Jeramey admitted to Clay that Laura jokingly told him to do it. Clay seemed slightly bothered by it since AD is the woman he is supposed to marry.

When AD approached the group of guys, the bean dip joke was fully revealed to her.

She then confronted Laura about it, who came across as super dismissive. Laura did not want to take accountability or acknowledge the fact that she said something that would make AD and Clay so uncomfortable.

AD immediately got defensive of Clay because she said she understood why he would be bothered by a joke as inappropriate as that one.

Now, fans of the show are talking about the situation on Reddit.

Social media users sharing their thoughts

A Reddit thread has been launched to talk about the bean dip debacle. As of now, tons of people feeling upset that it happened on national television.

One person wrote, “i think the constant sexual remarks about AD and her body have a lot of severe racial undertones. as a white person it is very uncomfortable to see, i cant imagine how much worse it must be for black women watching the show.”

LIB fans rant on Reddit.
Fans comment about the bean dip joke. Pic credit: Reddit

Someone else wrote, “I personally don’t find boob slapping funny? But maybe I am just boring.”

A third fan joined the conversation to say, “This enraged me when watching. Like who even jokes like that, let alone tells there fiancé to do it.”

“That is sexual harassment. If you have to touch someone to make a joke you clearly aren’t funny. Bunch of weirdos.”

New episodes of Love Is Blind hit Netflix on Wednesdays.

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