Love Is Blind alum Irina Solomonova denies editing latest photos: ‘Y’all need to chill’

Irina Solomonova IG selfie April 2023
Irina came under fire for Photoshopping her photos, which she denied. Pic credit: @irina_solo/Instagram

Irina Solomonova has been accused by Love Is Blind viewers of editing her photos, but the Netflix star says they’re all natural.

The 26-year-old business owner has received her fair share of flak since appearing in Season 4 of Love Is Blind.

Irina’s critics labeled her a “mean girl” during her time on the show, and now they’re accusing her of using filters on her photos, an accusation she denies.

In her most recent post on Instagram, Irina shared a carousel of photos of herself posing outdoors in casual attire.

Irina sported a red crop top, white baggy pants, and high-top athletic shoes. Her long, dark hair was worn down and straight, and her makeup palette was neutral.

She struck several poses in the shots, which she captioned, “Neeeed new music for this sunny weather? plz send recs my way ☀️?.”

Irina’s share earned her more than 5,100 likes, and several hundred of her 99,600 Instagram followers headed to the comments, where many of them called her out for using filters and/or Photoshopping the pics.

Love Is Blind critics accuse Irina Solomonova of Photoshopping her photos

One of Irina’s critics felt she looked different in the photos than she did during her time on Love Is Blind.

“It’s a filter.. we seen what you really look like on tv,” they wrote.

One Instagram user told Irina, “Another over edited photo. ??‍♀️”

Irina responded, “Not a single edit on this photo. Y’all need to chilllll? biggest compliment tho.”

irina solomonova responds to instagram commenters who accuse her of using filters
Irina responds to critics who accused her of filtering her photos. Pic credit: @irina_solo/Instagram

However, others contributed to the comment thread, and many of them didn’t agree with Irina’s statement.

One pointed out that although Irina called the accusation the “biggest compliment,” it wasn’t actually one.

Another commenter, who claimed to be a graphic artist, told Irina not to be ashamed of editing but also pointed out that the pixels in her photos seem to indicate that the photos were, indeed, edited in some capacity.

irina solomonova's instagram critics aren't convinced she didn't edit her photos
Irina’s followers call her out and insinuate she’s lying about not Photoshopping her pics. Pic credit: @irina_solo/Instagram

More comments piled up on the post, with accusations flying that Irina used filters and/or Photoshopped her images.

Irina denies editing her photos and thanks her critics for the ‘compliment’

“Love the filter,” read another comment, to which Irina replied, “I’m flattered you think this is a filter? the sweetest comment!”

irina solomonova responds to instagram commenters who accuse her of using filters
Irina continued to shoot down the filter accusations. Pic credit: @irina_solo/Instagram

Irina was deemed a ‘mean girl’ during Season 4 of Love Is Blind

Irina earned herself a reputation as a “mean girl” during Season 4 of Love Is Blind and reportedly even received death threats from her critics.

Love Is Blind viewers felt that Irina treated her former fiance, Zack Goytowski, harshly. At one point, she compared his appearance to a “cartoon character.” In addition, Irina came under fire for mocking another Love Is Blind contestant after she had gotten broken up with while in the pods.

Following the harsh criticism that Irina received, she apologized for her actions. In addition, her castmate, Paul Peden, came to her defense.

Paul told E! News that Irina — along with the other Season 4 “mean girl,” his ex-fiancee Micah Lussier — were aware they made mistakes.

“They’ve acknowledged them. I think that’s all you can ask for from somebody,” Paul added. “Anything beyond that is just malicious.”

Season 4 of Love Is Blind is currently streaming on Netflix.

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