Love Is Blind alum Deepti Vempati has a new man in her life: ‘I’m very smitten’

Deepti Vempati Love Is Blind
Deepti has found love again after her relationship with Shake failed. Pic credit: Netflix

Despite not finding her happily ever after during her time on Love Is Blind, Deepti Vempati is head over heels for a new man in her life.

During Season 2 of Netflix’s popular dating experiment, things didn’t “shake” out between Deepti and her former fiance, Abishek “Shake” Chatterjee.

But that’s all water under the bridge now because Deepti says she’s “very smitten” with someone else.

During the latest episode of Out of the Pods — the podcast she co-hosts with her Love Is Blind Season 2 castmate, Natalie Lee — Deepti dished on her current love life.

Natalie wasted no time getting down to business to kick off the podcast, telling their listeners that Deepti is “in love.”

“Actually, there is quite a bit of life news… Deepti’s in love,” Natalie said.

Love Is Blind Season 2 alum Deepti Vempati is ‘very smitten’ over her latest love interest

“I… I don’t know if I’m in love,” Deepti clarified. “But I’m very smitten. I’m smitten over a man.”

Natalie noted that whenever she and Deepti are working together, Deepti giggles to herself while she’s texting on her phone.

Deepti didn’t deny her giggling sessions and admitted that she and her mystery man talk “quite often” as well as have FaceTime dates.

The ladies joked that Deepti’s new man is an A-list actor, with Deepti adding, “Yeah, I am very smitten, which is so weird because just like three weeks ago on this episode, or on the podcast, I was like talking about how I don’t have time to date and I really don’t care to.”

“And here we are,” Natalie joked.

Deepti reiterated that although she’s not in love, she’s “excited about a man for the first time in a while.”

Deepti said ‘I don’t’ to Shake Chatterjee before giving love a chance with Kyle Abrams

Deepti shocked Love Is Blind viewers when she chose herself and said “I don’t” to Shake at the altar on their wedding day.

Shake’s controversial behavior was one major reason that Deepti decided she didn’t want to become Mrs. Chatterjee, including the time he compared her appearance to that of one of his aunts.

Following their split, Deepti began a relationship with Kyle Abrams after admitting they formed a connection in the pods. Their romance was short-lived, however, and Kyle has since gotten engaged.

Deepti’s current relationship is still pretty new, but if things get more serious between her and her mystery man, Out of the Pods listeners will hopefully find out his identity soon enough.

Seasons 1 – 4 of Love Is Blind are currently streaming on Netflix.

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