Love Is Blind alum Danielle Ruhl slams Nick Viall for ‘disgusting’ comments about suicide

Danielle Ruhl and Nick Viall
Danielle put Nick on blast for his statements regarding suicide. Pic credit: @dnellruhl/© Collin/Image Press Agency

Love Is Blind Season 2 alum Danielle Ruhl is calling out former The Bachelor contestant Nick Viall over his remarks about suicide.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Danielle was among several Love Is Blind alums who claimed the show’s producers mistreated them, denying them food, water, and sleep and dismissing their mental health concerns.

Danielle, who has been open about her past suicidal ideations, took issue with comments Nick recently made during an episode of his podcast, The Viall Files.

Nick spoke about the former Love Is Blind cast members’ accusations of neglect and horrendous treatment.

The former reality TV star told his listeners, “Blanket statement: I think it’s crazy for any of these production companies to cast someone who has ever said that they thought about or considered suicide.”

“I would take that stand,” he continued. “If anyone has come forward and said, ‘Hey, I once was suicidal. I struggle with some pretty dark mental health,’ I don’t think they’re fit for reality TV.”

Nick Viall slams ‘entitled’ Love Is Blind contestants on his podcast

Nick continued to slam the contestants on Love Is Blind, calling them “entitled” and accusing them of “weaponizing” words like mental health. Nick added that there’s nothing “special” about the cast members other than the fact they agreed to be filmed and “do something as insane as get married in a few weeks.”

Danielle caught wind of Nick’s remarks and wasn’t happy about what he said.

Taking to Instagram, Danielle initially shared her response in a video, deleted it, then re-posted it on her feed over the weekend. She also shared her reaction in her Instagram Story, per ET Online.

In her Story, Danielle called Nick’s comments “disgusting” and accused the podcaster of “poking fun” at suicide.

Danielle Ruhl slams Nick Viall’s ‘triggering’ remarks

Taking to her feed once again, Danielle noted that she re-posted her video after Nick failed to respond to her reaching out to her DM. In the message to Nick, Danielle says she explained to him why his comments were “triggering” for some people.

Danielle went on to say that Nick “discredits the emotional toll” that reality TV can have on people, adding in her caption, “If you want to be an effective, beneficial therapist to another’s life please do better.”

After Danielle, her ex-husband Nick Thompson, and others came forward with their allegations of emotional warfare, Love Is Blind’s production company, Kinetic Content, issued a statement to E! News in response.

“The well-being of our participants is of paramount importance to Kinetic,” the statement read. “We have rigorous protocols in place to care for each person before, during, and after filming.”

Season 4 of Love Is Blind is currently streaming on Netflix.

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