Love Is Blind alum Cameron Hamilton begs people to stop asking couples when they’re having babies

Cameron Hamilton YouTube
Cameron records a video on his YouTube channel to discuss misconceptions about Love Is Blind. Pic credit: @HangingWithTheHamiltons/YouTube

Love Is Blind OG Cameron Hamilton says it’s time for people to stop asking couples if and when they will have kids.

Cameron and his wife, Lauren Speed, met during Season 1 of Netflix’s hit dating experiment.

The couple is still happily married to this day, and although many Love Is Blind fans would love to know if and when they’ll welcome little Camerons and Laurens into the world, the 32-year-old data scientist thinks it’s none of their business.

Taking to his Instagram, Cameron recorded himself from home, sending a message to his 2 million followers on the social media platform.

“As a community, can we agree that it’s always inappropriate to ask couples when they are going to have a baby?” Cameron began his video.

The Maine native continued, “Because you don’t know what couples are going through at the end of the day.”

Love Is Blind fan favorite Cameron Hamilton says it’s ‘inappropriate’ to ask couples if and when they’ll have kids

“They may not be ready to have kids. They may be having difficulties conceiving. They may have other things going on in their lives that make it difficult to have a baby,” he noted.

Although it may have seemed that Cameron was taking aim at Love Is Blind co-host Vanessa Lachey, that wasn’t the case. During the Season 4 reunion, Vanessa came under fire from Love Is Blind viewers for fervently obsessing over which couples would welcome babies first.

In the comments section of his post, Cameron pointed out that his video was not directed at anyone in particular. Instead, he told his fans that because he and Lauren have been asked about having kids by so many people, he wanted to address it.

Cameron’s video wasn’t aimed at Vanessa Lachey

His intent was to “bring more compassion and understanding” to couples dealing with the same thing.

cameron hamilton comments
Cameron clarified that his post wasn’t an attempt to single anyone out. Pic credit: @cameronreidhamilton/Instagram

In other Love Is Blind news, it was rumored that Cameron and Lauren would replace Vanessa and Nick Lachey as co-hosts for the reunion. Viewers were unhappy, not only with Vanessa pressing the contestants about having babies, but for exhibiting bias towards certain cast members.

One cast member in particular, Paul Paden, called out Vanessa for her “personal bias” during his segments. In response, Vanessa made a peace offering in the form of a bouquet of red roses sent to Paul, of which he shared a photo to his Instagram Story.

Despite the rumors that Cameron and Lauren would replace the Lacheys in their hosting duties, that gossip was recently shot down when ET reported that Nick and Vanessa “will keep their jobs on the hit Netflix series.”

Season 4 of Love Is Blind is currently streaming on Netflix.

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