Love in Paradise: Sherlon’s baby name choice explained

Sherlon McInnis
Sherlon has strong opinions on his name for his son with Aryanna. Pic credit: TLC

In the last episode of Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, A 90 Day Story, Sherlon explained why he feels so passionate about the name he wants to give his son.

Sherlon’s name choice is Odin. He chose it because he feels like he has deep personal ties to the name through his ancestry.

Aryanna and her family are not fans of the name, and Aryanna thought his reasoning behind the name was strange and comical.

Sherlon McInnis’ baby name choice has a lot of meaning to him

While Sherlon and Aryanna were out on a date, Sherlon asked about her and her family’s feelings towards his name choice of Odin for their son.

Aryanna said that they don’t really like and neither does she. Sherlon then went into defensive mode and explained its meaning.

Sherlon expressed, “Odin means something to me. It’s a Viking name, and my ancestors are Vikings.”

Aryanna started laughing and asked, “Are you sure?”

In a private interview, Aryanna was asked by the producers if it was an ancestral name. She giggled and said, “Yeah, but I don’t believe that.”

Sherlon continued, “It’s a strong name. Odin is an Asgard king, and he’s like the Norwegian god. It means, ‘All father,’ so that’s why I chose that name.”

Sherlon McInnis wants to get the tourist visa instead of the K-1

Aryanna has been pressuring Sherlon to get the K-1 visa, meaning he would have to move to the US and marry Aryanna. Sherlon is against that idea and feels that the more appropriate visa would be a tourist one.

He wants to be able to stay in the US for up to six months and have the ability to get to know Aryanna better before he makes the huge commitment of marriage. They only knew each other for 17 days before Aryanna found out she was pregnant with their son.

Aryanna doesn’t want to let their baby have Sherlon’s last name or his choice for a first name if he is not going to be in the baby’s life the majority of the time. Sherlon feels like that is a tactic to get him to do the K-1 visa, and he let her know how much her views upset him.

Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, A 90 Day Story airs Sundays on Discovery+.

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