Love in Paradise: Sherlon is diagnosed with COVID-19

Sherlon had a positive COVID-19 test. Pic credit: TLC

Sherlon and Aryanna just settled into their last few days together at Sherlon’s place before Aryanna heads back to the US on the latest episode of Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, A 90 Day Story.

They have plans to gather Sherlon’s necessary paperwork to file the tourist visa so he can be there for the birth of his son.

So it was very concerning to viewers, and Aryanna and Sherlon, when he revealed in the trailer for the next episode that he tested positive for COVID-19.

Sherlon McInnis revealed he tested positive for COVID-19

Sherlon’s positive COVID-19 diagnosis means that he needs to quarantine away from Aryanna, and it is scary to think that Aryanna, who is six months pregnant, may have been exposed herself.

Sherlon is in the service industry working with tourists and went back to work shortly before Aryanna and her family arrived in Jamaica.

This also means that nothing will get done as far as the tourist visa application so Aryanna will most likely have to go through the birth without Sherlon.

After only spending seventeen days together in person before Aryanna found out she was pregnant, Sherlon and Aryanna needed that extra time together to get to know each other better as well.

Sherlon McInnis
Sherlon’s positive COVID-19 diagnosis is scary and inconvenient for him and Aryanna. Pic credit: TLC

Aryanna Sierra said she would let the baby have Sherlon McInnis’ name if he wasn’t there for the birth

When Sherlon took Aryanna out on a date, their conversation fell apart when Aryanna said she didn’t like the name ‘Odin’ that Sherlon chose. Her disliking of the name turned into a larger conversation about whose last name the baby will have.

Aryanna made the argument that if he is not going to be present in the baby’s life every day then their son shouldn’t have Sherlon’s last name. Sherlon took that as being forced to choose the fiance K-1 visa in order for his son to have his last name.

Sherlon said he didn’t want to be forced into anything and that the baby should have his last name as is tradition. He believes the tourist visa is much more appropriate for their situation and he will be around as much as he can.

Love in Paradise viewers will have to keep watching to find out how their relationship works out.

Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, A 90 Day Story airs Sundays on Discovery+.

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