Love in Paradise: Are Mark and Key over for good?

Mark and Key.
Key’s answer to Mark’s ultimatum could mean that their relationship is over for good. Pic credit: TLC

Mark gave Key an ultimatum to either move to California to be with him or just break up on Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, A 90 Day Story.

Key was very uncomfortable by Mark’s insistence that she make such a hard choice. Key likes to live her life day by day, loves her life in Bocas Del Toro, and resents that Mark hasn’t learned Spanish or made any compromises for her.

Key gave her answer to Mark during the latest episode. She told him that she loves him but is not in love with him and that she would not move to California.

But is there anything Mark can do to change Key’s mind?

Is there any way Mark Truzzolino and Key Elisa Bukschtein can stay together on Love in Paradise?

Mark turned to his friend Genevi for advice after being crushed by Key’s decision. Genevi listened to Mark’s approach to his relationship with Key and she offered her thoughts that it appears like Key wants more compromises and sacrifices from him.

She reminded Mark that he is asking a lot from Key and is giving little in return. Mark agreed and said his desire to be with Key is so strong that he would consider moving to Bocas to be with her.

The other issue in their relationship is Key’s desire to maintain an open relationship and the aversion she has to being tied down to one person. Mark is the opposite and is tired of dating other people and wants to start a life with Key and make her his wife.

Mark and Key had a serious talk on the beach where Key said she couldn’t move to California to be with Mark. Pic credit: TLC

Mark plans on having one more relationship talk with Key

Mark’s talk with Genevi inspired him to have another talk with Key where he would put more of himself on the table. He plans on asking her how she would feel if he moved there.

It could be that Key’s mind is already made up and that she has accepted a breakup with Mark, or Mark’s final pleas could be what it takes to get her to commit one way or the other.

Love in Paradise viewers will have to keep watching to find out if Mark’s final talk with Key is successful or if he will leave The Caribbean broken-hearted.

Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, A 90 Day Story airs Sundays on Discovery+.

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