Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood’s Teairra Mari ordered to pay additional $5,000 to 50 Cent

Teairra Mari at the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reunion
Teairra Mari is on the hook for another $5,000 and 50 Cent wants his money. Pic credit: VH1

Teairra Mari’s debt to 50 Cent just got a little bit bigger as he looks to secure payment from the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star.

Teairra has famously owed the In Da Club rapper $30,000 after she sued him for spreading her racy photo around and lost.

Now, the rapper has taken her back to court again to complain about her non-payment, and while he didn’t walk away with any cash, Teairra Mari’s tab got a little higher.

50 Cent has already received one bump in the amount due, which brought the amount Teairra Mari owed him to $34,000, and now, he’s just been awarded another $5,000.

That means that Teairra is indebted to 50 Cent for a total of $39,000 now, and he wants his money.

When will Teairra Mari pay up?

It’s been well over a year now since a judge ruled that 50 Cent was not liable for damages after sharing Teairra Mari’s photo on Instagram. Then it was decided that she was on the hook for all of 50 Cent’s legal fees related to the lawsuit.

And despite Teairra Mari having work, she still hasn’t made a single payment to the controversial rapper.

In legal documents obtained by The Blast, Teairra Mari has also been ordered to turn over financial records to 50 Cent so that he can try to recoup some of his money.

He claims that Teairra made upwards of $100,000 for her appearances on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood but that she didn’t use any of that to pay him back.

Now, the rapper will have access to information about Teairra Mari’s assets so that he can hopefully get his hands on the nearly $40,000 that she now owes after the latest sanctions for not paying up sooner.

Why does Teairra Mari owe 50 Cent?

The bulk of Teairra Mari’s storyline on Season 5 of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood centered around her very dysfunctional relationship with Akbar Abdul-Ahad.

It was during that on-again, off-again relationship that Akbar allegedly shared a private video and still shots from that video that showed Teairra in a very precarious position. It could be considered revenge porn.

After the leak came out, 50 Cent, who is close friends with Akbar, shared a screenshot from the video to his Instagram account.

Teairra Mari sued 50 Cent for putting her very personal photo on blast, but the rapper argued that by the time he shared it, it was already all over the internet and felt that he shouldn’t be liable. A judge sided with him and assigned all of 50 Cent’s legal fees to Teairra Mari.

He has since had the amount increased twice due to non-payment, which is where they are today, with Teairra Mari’s total amount due to 50 Cent being just over $39,000.

As those who follow 50 Cent already know, he is the last person that you want to owe money. So far, he hasn’t taken to Instagram to call Teairra out, but it won’t be too surprising if he does.

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