Loren Brovarnik talks relapsing in her postpartum depression: ‘It’s nothing to be ashamed of’

Loren Brovarnik snaps a car selfie in January 2023
Loren has become a staunch advocate for postpartum depression. Pic credit: @lorenbrovarnik/Instagram

90 Day Fiance fan-favorite Loren Brovarnik sent a message to her fans, letting them know it’s okay to talk about postpartum depression struggles.

Loren has been vocal about her struggles with postpartum depression (PPD).

The 34-year-old mom of three has admittedly suffered from PPD following each delivery. She shares her three children — Shai, 2, Asher, 1, and Ariel, 5 months — with her husband, Alexei Brovarnik.

After giving birth to Ariel in September 2022, Ariel told her fans that it was “10 times harder” than her first two experiences with PPD following the births of Shai and Asher.

Now, the brunette beauty is letting other women know that they shouldn’t feel ashamed about their struggles as she continues to normalize discussing PPD.

Loren recorded a Story on Instagram, documenting how she felt in the moment. She first shared a teary-eyed photo of herself snuggling with Ariel and captioned it, “PPD is real.”

Loren Brovarnik opens up about postpartum depression and encourages women to talk about their struggles

In another slide, Loren went into detail about relapsing.

“So, I’m definitely relapsing in my postpartum depression,” Loren shared with her 1.4 million Instagram followers.

Loren continued, explaining that she Googled recurring PPD and discovered it could happen.

“I just look at Ari, and I cry, and it’s okay to cry,” Loren said as she fought back the tears. “And I just cry for no reason. And she just makes me smile,” she added, as she panned her camera towards adorable little Ariel on the bed.

Loren told her fans that PPD is a “very real thing” and shared a message with anyone else experiencing the same symptoms.

“So, for anyone going through postpartum depression or relapsing, or having baby blues, or whatever it may be, you’re not alone. I’m with you, and we’re strong, and we’re gonna get through it.”

Loren added another slide, begging others to normalize talking about the topic, pointing out the vast number of women who struggle with PPD but don’t talk about it.

“It’s nothing to be ashamed of,” Loren said, adding that she uses her social media platform to vent to her millions of adoring fans because it helps her realize that she’s not the only one suffering from the same issues.

Loren reminded her fans that it’s okay to talk about it and encouraged them to speak up, whether that means talking to a partner, a friend, or on social media.

Loren has inspired 90 Day Fiance fans with her body positivity and mental health awareness

Not only has Loren advocated for mental health, but she’s also been a body positivity proponent as well.

Four months after welcoming her daughter, Ariel, Loren shared some unfiltered pics on Instagram, looking fabulous and feeling good about herself.

Loren’s millions of fans and followers have been receptive, showing her support and boosting her spirits by letting her know much she has inspired others.

Loren & Alexei: After the 90 Days airs on Mondays at 10:30/9:30c on TLC and Discovery+.

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