Loren Brovarnik polls her fans — Does daughter Ariel look more like her or dad Alexei?

Ariel and Loren snap an IG selfie January 17
Loren and her daughter Ariel pose for a selfie. Pic credit: @lorenbrovarnik/Instagram

90 Day Fiance fan-favorite Loren Brovarnik had a little fun with a poll involving her daughter, Ariel.

Loren and her husband, Alexei Brovarnik, are parents to three under 3. They share their sons, Shai, 2, Asher, 1, and their daughter, Ariel, 5 months.

Ariel has become her mom’s trusty sidekick these days, and Loren loves to share updates on her little girl with her millions of adoring fans and followers.

Loren recently snapped a selfie, including little Ariel, and the photo was absolutely adorable.

Loren held Ariel in her arms as they both smiled at the camera. The ladies were twinning in white, as Loren donned a white tank, looking fresh-faced and beautiful as always, and little Ariel was darling, sporting a white headband with a bow and an eyelet dress.

Ariel was a natural in front of the camera, making for a pic that’s definitely frame-worthy.

90 Day Fiance fans vote: Does Ariel look more like Loren or Alexei Brovarnik?

After sharing the photo to her Instagram Stories, Loren shared it once more, this time including a poll asking her 1.4 million IG followers to vote.

loren and ariel pose for a selfie on Instagram for a poll
Fans voted on whether Loren and Alexei’s daughter, Ariel, looks more like her mom or dad. Pic credit: @lorenbrovarnik/Instagram

Loren included three options in the poll relating to who Ariel looks more like: All Alex, All [Loren], and Perfect combo.

Loren’s followers obliged, and the final tally came in: the majority of her fans think Ariel is a perfect mix of Loren and Alexei, accounting for 63 percent of the votes.

Another 23 percent believed Ariel resembles Alexei more, while 14 percent felt Ariel was Loren’s twin.

Loren and Ariel have become two peas in a pod — for the recent Valentine’s Day holiday; the mother-daughter duo showed off their fashion sense in matching pink attire for a ladies’ lunch. And earlier this month, Ariel joined Loren for another casual lunch date with a friend.

Although Loren often shares her happy moments with Ariel, she’s also been transparent about her struggles with postpartum depression (PPD).

Loren advocates for other suffering from postpartum depression

Loren has suffered from PPD following all three of her children’s births, and admittedly, her symptoms were “10 times harder” the third time around.

The mom of three has no problem sharing her struggles with her millions of followers, though. Loren told her followers that she recently relapsed in her PPD, noting that she often cries for no apparent reason.

However, she also had an encouraging message for others suffering from the same condition.

“So, for anyone going through postpartum depression or relapsing, or having baby blues, or whatever it may be, you’re not alone,” Loren reminded her fans. “I’m with you, and we’re strong, and we’re gonna get through it.”

Loren & Alexei: After the 90 Days airs on Mondays at 10:30 p.m. ET on TLC and Discovery+/

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1 year ago

Uck. Such an obnoxious spoiled, beyond selfish narcissist. So full of herself with total disregard for her family. Fan favorite? not.