Loren Brovarnik drips in designer for date night with Alexei

Loren Brovarnik
Loren Brovarnik glowed in a flattering outfit with a designer touch. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance star Loren Brovarnik loves to step out in style. And recently, she did so with a designer flex.

The 34-year-old mom of three under three got to step away from parenting duties for an outing with her husband, Alexei Brovarnik.

In one snap that Alex presumably took for her, Loren was wearing a black top with skintight black plants.

She paired the ensemble with black heeled boots and a pink jean jacket draped over her shoulders.

Loren chose an over-the-shoulder Louis Vuitton bag she sported across her body and rocked a pair of dark shades with black rims. She wore her dark hair down and straight with a part in the middle.

Another shot that Loren shared through her Instagram Stories featured Alex as the pair walked through a parking lot. Over the picture, Loren wrote, “He loves me.”

Loren Brovarnik's Instagram Stories
Pic credit: @lorenbrovarnik/Instagram

Loren Brovarnik is a mom influencer

Loren has a whopping following on Instagram of 1.4 million, and she uses it mostly to show off her adorable family and run promotions and ads.

While she does do promos for things like jewelry and skincare products, she specializes in the mom niche and frequently shares products and services she endorses related to that.

In one such post, Loren recommended a company called ViaCord, which is a cord blood banking service.

For her share, she posted a picture of her baby daughter Ariel next to the “Newborn Stem Cell Collection Kit.”

About the product, Loren said it “helps give families a peace of mind knowing they’ll have access to a potential medical resource if ever needed.” She described that it has been used for “transplant medicine” and “can be used in the treatment of nearly 80 conditions today. I’ve shared with you in the past that we’ve used it for Shai and Asher, and of course ended up doing it for Ari too!”

Loren and Alexei want to move to Israel

On the current season of Loren & Alexei: After the 90 Days, Loren and Alex have been in Israel visiting Alex’s family and revealing to them both that Loren was pregnant with their third child and that they were thinking of moving to Israel.

Loren’s parents joined them on the trip and were unhappy about the news of a potential move.

Tensions have flared between Loren, Alex, and Loren’s parents, and things got brought to a new level on the latest episode.

Loren and her mom got into a nasty verbal argument where her mom said she would slap Loren if the cameras weren’t around.

Loren’s dad had previously said that he wanted Loren and Alex to see an attorney about custody should they get a divorce while living in Israel, which seriously angered both of them.

It looks like on the next episode, which will highlight the end of the Israel trip, Loren’s parents won’t even be around to say goodbye to Alex’s family.

Loren & Alexei: After the 90 Days airs Mondays at 10:30 p.m. ET on TLC and Discovery+.

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