Loren Brovarnik defends working out without a shirt on: ‘Hard work pays off!’

Loren Brovarnik HEA confessional
Loren clapped back at her haters who continually question her workout attire. Pic credit: Discovery+

90 Day Fiance fan favorite Loren Brovarnik is standing firm in her decision to work out shirtless.

Since welcoming her and Alexei Brovarnik’s third child, daughter Ariel, last year, Loren has been working hard to shed the pregnancy pounds.

Loren has been successful, sharing that she’s used Jenny Craig along with good old-fashioned blood, sweat, and tears at the gym.

Despite her hard work, Loren has been accused of using Ozempic to slim down following Ari’s birth and continually finds herself on the defensive when it comes to her weight loss journey and her trimmer physique.

The latest criticism Loren has faced is from detractors who are questioning why she exercises without wearing a shirt.

Loren shared a post on Instagram, which showed her breaking a sweat at the gym as she performed some modified push-ups. In the video, Loren was clad in a hot pink sports bra, black leggings, and matching socks.

Loren Brovarnik is fed up with being asked why she exercises without a shirt on

In the caption, Loren called out her haters, explaining why she chooses to go topless at the gym.

“When they ask ‘why do you always work out without a shirt’… well here’s my shirt off, my pants rolled down so you can see my entire stomach, core tightened, with no filter, so you can see that hard work pays off! Any more brain busters?!”

“It’s all about progression, not perfection! 💪🏼,” she added.

Loren found plenty of support from her 1.4 million followers in the comments section, despite receiving criticism elsewhere.

90 Day Fiance fans show Loren their support

One of Loren’s fans pointed out that they follow suit while working out and wrote, “I NEVER wear a shirt while working out. S**t just gets in the way.”

Another noted, “Literally every women who goes to the gym where’s gym wear like this… Do they ask them that question also?”

loren brovarnik's instagram followers support her in the comments
Loren’s followers showed her support for choosing not to wear a top while exercising. Pic credit: @lorenbrovarnik/Instagram

“Why are people so worried about what you wear to workout?” asked another one of Loren’s followers. “Ridiculous!!”

Loren has worked hard to shed her post-pregnancy pounds

As mentioned, Loren has been working hard to regain her pre-pregnancy figure. Her motto has become “progress not perfection,” as she continues to drop the pounds.

In a post from April 2023, Loren shared before-and-after pics of herself seven-and-a-half months apart, highlighting her weight loss.

The caption for the post read, “The first photo is exactly 7 and a half months ago. The second photo was from this week. Progress. Not perfection.”

Loren & Alexei: After the 90 Days is currently on hiatus.

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Brenda White
Brenda White
10 days ago

Why are people so critical of everything Loren does. Just be happy that she has a good marriage that has lasted as most 90 days relationships whether married or not don’t. These people need to get lives of their own. Loren do you and stop replying to this selfish, angry people.