Loren Brovarnik claps back at ‘hater’ who accused her of Photoshopping

Loren Instagram selfie February 2022
Loren doesn’t have time for haters. Pic credit: @lorenbrovarnik/Instagram

90 Day Fiance fan-favorite Loren Brovarnik found herself on the defensive when a critic accused her of Photoshopping her photos.

Loren shares much of her life with her 1.4 million fans and followers on Instagram.

With her bubbly disposition, relatable posts, and momfluencer status, it’s easy to see why millions adore Loren.

However, that doesn’t mean Loren is exempt from the occasional troll.

Such was the case in a recent Instagram post, in which Loren posed from her Florida condo for an adorable kitchen mirror selfie.

After visiting a local spa to undergo laser hair removal, Loren felt “weekend ready” as she snapped a fresh photo of herself.

“Hair free, care free. ???? An outfit change and I’m weekend ready ?? #momfluencer #vibes #agoodmoment,” read the caption on Loren’s post.

Most of the feedback on Loren’s share was positive, with her post accumulating more than 21,000 likes and hundreds of comments gushing over her glow.

Loren Brovarnik fires back at a ‘hater’ who accused her of Photoshopping a recent pic

However, one of Loren’s detractors made a point to sour the good vibes with their comment, accusing Loren of distorting her photo to alter her legs’ appearance.

“Please stop ? photoshopping (zoom in on space between legs?” and just be real,” the critic began. “Use your influence for inspiring other new momma’s to stop trying to be something else. Love you and your precious family ❤.”

loren brovarnik clapped back at a hater on instagram who accused her of photoshopping
Loren clapped back at a critic who accused her of Photoshopping her pics. Pic credit: @lorenbrovarnik/Instagram

Loren caught wind of the comment and fired back, “@tifnfit you’re such a hater. It’s a bad look.”

Farther down in the comments section, Loren shared that she’s been putting in the work to attain her physique, not using Photoshop. She replied to a positive comment from a fan and revealed how she has worked her way back to her pre-baby body just five months after welcoming her third child, daughter Ariel, in September 2022.

Loren disclosed that she follows Jenny Craig’s weight loss program in addition to working out seven days a week for a minimum of 15 minutes and walking for at least 30 minutes daily.

loren brovarnik shares her diet and workout secrets on instagram
Loren shares how she’s stayed in shape following the birth of her daughter, Ariel. Pic credit: @lorenbrovarnik/Instagram

Despite the occasional negativity tossed her way, Loren holds her ground and keeps her composure. She often reminds her followers to acknowledge their struggles and has become a relatable advocate for mental health.

Loren got candid about her postpartum depression relapse

The 34-year-old mom of three is transparent with her fans and followers, including her struggles. Most recently, Loren revealed that she has relapsed into her postpartum depression (PPD).

Loren took to her Instagram Stories to share the news and reminded other women afflicted by PPD that they have no reason to feel ashamed about what they’re going through.

The TLC star reinforced to her followers that PPD is a “real thing,” reminding them they aren’t alone. She left her fans with some encouraging words: “I’m with you, and we’re strong, and we’re gonna get through it.”

Loren & Alexei: After the 90 Days airs on Mondays at 10:30/9:30c on TLC and Discovery+.

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