Logan Palmer urges viewers not to send hateful messages as Kate Gallivan faces backlash

Logan Palmer
Logan Palmer reminds viewers that he and his costars are human. Pic credit: ABC

Logan Palmer experienced public humiliation on Monday night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise, and he spoke out after his brutal BIP exit. 

Kate Gallivan dumped Logan during the season’s final rose ceremony. 

She didn’t hold back when calling him out in front of the rest of the BIP cast for not being what she needed.

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Kate has faced lots of backlash online for her treatment of Logan, but he doesn’t want to see his fellow costars bombarded with “terrible” comments. 

After his Bachelor in Paradise journey came to a disappointing end, Logan shared a message of gratitude for his supporters while also telling fans what he didn’t want them to do. 

Logan is no stranger to being scrutinized by Bachelor Nation, so he intends to stop anyone else from experiencing harsh messages like he’s received in the past. 

Logan Palmer has a reminder for fans after Kate Gallivan drama 

Logan took to his Instagram Stories to address his supporters.

He began his message, “I want to thank everyone for the support I’m receiving.”

Logan then shared, “I also want to remind people that the people on your screen are growing, feeling humans who read the terrible messages you send them. I know- I was reading them a few months ago.”

The Bachelor in Paradise star encouraged viewers to “spoil people with support and don’t bother using your time to send a hateful message or comment to anyone.” 

Logan Palmer's message
Pic credit: @loganseagull/Instagram

Kate Gallivan says ‘pivotal moments’ weren’t shown on Bachelor in Paradise 

Logan wasn’t the only one who took to social media after the breakup. Kate also broke her silence on Twitter and shared a message with her followers.

Kate suggested in her post that there were lots of important moments that weren’t shown on screen that motivated her decision to end the relationship the way she did. 

The Bachelor Nation star said, “there were so many pivotal moments that weren’t included that ultimately lead me to make that decision. But I guess that’s showbiz baby.” 

Kate Gallivan's tweet
Pic credit: @katesgallivan/Twitter

Kate and Logan were one of several breakups on Monday night’s episode. 

Twins Justin and Joey Young parted ways with Shanae Ankney and Florence Alexandra. 

Genevieve Parisi and Aaron Clancy got in one last big fight before calling it quits for good. 

The Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 cast will return for the highly-anticipated reunion, and viewers can expect more drama to play out as the season comes to a close. 

Bachelor in Paradise finale airs Tuesday at 8/7c on ABC. 

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