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Little Women Atlanta exclusive: Minnie’s boyfriend Nick meets her mom for the first time

This week on Little Women: Atlanta, Minnie will take her boyfriend Nick to meet her mother. Those who have been watching the show know that Minnie’s mom, Tammie, isn’t going to let this new guy off easy.

In this exclusive Little Women: Atlanta sneak peek, we get a chance to see just how much Minnie’s mom loves her as she grills Nick about his intentions with her daughter.

Tammie grills Nick about his intentions with Minnie

Going to meet a significant others’ parent or parents for the first time can be very nerve-wracking and in Nick’s case, he has good reason to be nervous about meeting up.

When he and Minnie first met up with her mother, he did the right thing by bringing her a gift. Tammie seemed thrilled to receive a thoughtful present from Minnie’s man but that didn’t stop her from getting some answers in an effort to figure out why he was dating her daughter and what plans he had for the future.

“So where did you meet Ashley [Minnie],” her mom asked, cutting straight to the questions.

He replied that he met her in the club, something that might set off any parents’ worry, so naturally, she continued to grill Nick.

“Have you ever dated a little person before,” she continued.

And Nick was quick to respond that he had never dated a little person before and that he had only ever seen another little person before Minnie “once.”

Then, Tammie got straight to the point and put Nick on the spot when she asked him about his intentions for her daughter. Clearly, she wants to know exactly what his plans are and how serious he is about his relationship with Minnie.

Minnie’s mom asks about ‘that ring”

In the Little Women: Atlanta sneak peek, viewers can see that Minnie is wearing a ring on her ring finger and her mom wants to know why.

She asks, “She got this ring on her finger. What’s that about?”

And when Minnie tried to answer for him and minimize the importance of the ring, Nick chimes in that it’s a “first step ring.”

To that, Minnie’s mom wanted to know exactly what steps he was talking about.

Minnie explained, “You know, we’ve been together for a year so we want to go to the next level.”

And that’s when Tammie asked about Nick’s intentions.

Be sure to watch the Little Women: Atlanta sneak peek above and tune in to see how this meeting with Minnie’s mom plays out as Season 6 of the Lifetime hit continues.

Minnie's boyfriend Nick meets her mom on Little Women: Atlanta
Minnie’s boyfriend Nick meets her mom on Little Women: Atlanta. Pic credit: Lifetime

Little Women: Atlanta airs Fridays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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