Lisa Vanderpump reveals she has contracted COVID-19

Lisa Vanderpump
SUR boss Lisa Vanderpump revealed she’d contracted COVID-19. Pic credit: Bravo

SUR boss Lisa Vanderpump has done her best to avoid it, but it seems COVID-19 has finally caught her.

Lisa recently revealed that she’d contracted COVID-19. While it’s unclear where she may have caught the virus, we can wager a guess given the restaurateur’s businesses and consistently being surrounded by people.

Vanderpump Rules boss Lisa Vanderpump reveals she’s contracted COVID-19

Over on her Instagram, Lisa posted a personalized cartoon of herself with her eyes closed tight and making a pouty face.

The cartoon is unmistakably Lisa with long dark hair, bold statement earrings, and what appears to be a white collared shirt.

The post’s caption was kept simple, but it said enough.

“ Agh it finally got me…#covid_19,” she wrote.

Although she didn’t go into detail about her symptoms or just how sick she is with the virus, Lisa did clarify that she’s, unfortunately, stuck in bed because of it.

In a separate post on Instagram, Lisa prompted her followers to tune in for the latest episode of Vanderpump Rules but shared she’s not as cheery as she appears in the posted photo.

Of course, the posted photo is gorgeous and shows Lisa sitting outside on a lounge chair with luxurious teddy bear slippers on, a smile on her face, and a glass of wine in hand.

“Cheers to a new episode of #PumpRules starting now, at 6pm! (While I’m sick in bed, not drinking),” she captioned the post.

Lisa became a first-time grandma when daughter Pandora welcomed her son with husband Jason Sabo

In November, Lisa’s family expanded just a bit more when her daughter Pandora welcomed her first child with her husband, Jason Sabo.

Baby Theodore was a most welcomed addition to the family, and they were clearly bursting at the seams with love when they announced his birth.

“Obsessively in love with baby Theodore,” Lisa wrote in a sweet post alongside a picture of her holding the newborn. “Thank you Pandy and Jason for making me a Nanny Pinky!!”

Pandora also shared a sweet post of her own about welcoming her first child.

“Theodore 6lb 7oz of pure delicious joy. Your entrance into this world was the best day of our entire lives and your daddy and I are so thankful that you are here, healthy and happy,” the caption read, in part.

“You are so loved little Teddy,” she concluded.

Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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