Lisa Rinna’s comment on RHOBH about cancer comes back to haunt her

Lisa Rinna
Lisa Rinna gets some knowledge dropped on her by a top cancer organization. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Viewers were stunned at Lisa Rinna’s confession last week that she would end up getting cancer if she held in the information about Kathy Hilton’s “psychotic breakdown.”

Lisa’s loose lips are known for saying things that can be shocking and generally being a disaster on social media, but fans think she took it too far this time.

So does the American Institute for Cancer Research.

The Washington DC-based charity is coming down on the Housewife for her remark in the finale where she said, “I’m not going to take it to my grave because I’d get sick and I’d get cancer if I didn’t express this.”

A rep for the organization, whose mission is to help with cancer prevention and survivorship, said Lisa is “just using the specter of cancer as emotional blackmail to justify airing her grievance.”

AICR also added that Lisa is completely incorrect in her claims of how cancer can enter the body and reveals there is no evidence to support that cancer can be caused by stress alone.

Even if Lisa is just spouting off for the sake of being overemotional, AICR wants to make it clear that Lisa’s information is not based on credible research and that Lisa “has taken a popular (but likely false) concept” and said it on a public platform like a reality show, just so she can make a dramatic point.

RHOBH: What caused Lisa Rinna to make such an accusation?

In the sprinter van ride from Hell, Lisa and Kathy Hilton, the second season “friend-of” and big sister to Kyle Richards, were alone on the way back to Kyle’s Aspen home.

After what was an already tumultuous day spent fighting over tequila, Kathy’s frustrations came out in what Lisa described as a breakdown.

Lisa claims that Kathy said she would take down Bravo, NBC, and entire Beverly Hills Housewives franchise. Lisa also said that Kathy planned to take down Kyle and her entire family.

Although Kathy did admit to sharing things with Lisa that she should not have, she adamantly apologized to both Lisa and Kyle, during a heartfelt moment at Kyle’s home. But that was not enough for Lisa, and when confronted by Kyle that this continued rhetoric is hurting Kyle and her family, Lisa tells the group that she will die if she keeps holding in the trauma of the incident.

Cancer survivor Camille Grammer chimes in

Camille Grammer starred in the first two seasons of RHOBH, and she has opinions on Lisa’s flippant remark about cancer.

Camille kept it simple, saying it was pathetic and in poor taste.

Camille was diagnosed with Stage 2 endometrial cancer in 2013, and underwent a hysterectomy as a result. She was also diagnosed with cancer for the second time in 2021, when she found out she had squamous cell skin cancer, which was surgically removed and she is in remission for both cancers.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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