Lisa Rinna takes credit for trashing Garcelle Beauvais’ book

Lisa Rinna admits she is the one who threw Garcelle Beauvais' book in the trash.
Lisa Rinna jokes about recycling after admitting in front of a tearful Garcelle Beauvais, that she threw her book in the trash. Pic credit: © Agency

There were many revelations in Part 2 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion that aired Wednesday night.

Viewers learned that it was Lisa Rinna who threw Garcelle Beauvais’ memoir in the trash and not Erika Girardi.

During one of the segments, Andy Cohen asked Erika if she had skimmed Garcelle’s book for any mentions of her name before throwing it in the trash.

Erika stayed silent and then looked to her right at her close friend Lisa.

The soap opera star said it was time for her to come clean about this situation. She revealed she was the one who threw Garcelle’s book in the trash.

Lisa explained that Garcelle and she had made a pact not to talk about their children and then she saw that Garcelle had mentioned her daughter Amelia Hamlin, in her memoir titled, Love Me As I Am.

Garcelle explained that she only recounted the events of last season when she asked Lisa how she thought her daughter felt when she danced half-naked on social media. The actress further said it was important to her that people understood that she wasn’t blaming Lisa for Amelia’s eating disorder.

Andy backed Garcelle up and said that she didn’t say anything bad about Amelia. The cast agreed with the Love Me As I Am author.

Garcelle Beauvais is not on RHOBH group chat

Another revelation during that segment was that there is a separate group chat for the cast and that Garcelle Beauvais wasn’t part of it.

Erika explained that Lisa had sent the picture on that group chat. Garcelle pointed out that some of the ladies formed another group chat. This shows how divided the group is when some of them insist that it is not.

The XXPEN$IVE performer said that she posted the picture because Garcelle used a line from the show where she was talking to her, to promote the book. She was saying to Erika, “I don’t have to make you look bad, you can do that on your own.”

Garcelle posted this clip and wrote in the caption, “You know how else you can look bad all on your own? By not pre-ordering your copy of Love Me As I Am.”

Lisa Rinna and Erika Girardi make light of Garcelle Beauvais’ memoir

Erika said she kept silent all this time because she was a true friend to Lisa. She gave the soap opera star time to reveal that she threw away Garcelle’s memoir.

Lisa then said she “felt really bad” when she saw fans slamming Erika for what was in her (Lisa’s) trash can. They accused Erika of not recycling and questioned why there was this old phone in there.

Erika and Lisa laughed about recycling and the contents of Lisa’s trash while Garcelle watched on tearfully. After all, before joining the show, she had been friends with the Rinna Beauty founder for over two decades.

Viewers noticed and slammed Andy, Lisa, and Erika for disrespecting Garcelle’s hard work.

Comedian Loni Love comes to Garcelle Beauvais’ defense

Loni Love was one of the viewers who took to social media to post about the disrespect Garcelle endured.

She wrote, “Whew Chile..Rinna and Erika casually just laughing at throwing Garcelles book in the trash while it pans to her tearing up..”

She added, “The grace that Garcelle shows is undefeated… a published memoir takes time to develop, construct and print.. more importantly it’s represents her story and it should not be ridiculed. Good vibes to you @garcelle.”

Garcelle and Loni are friends and used to be co-stars on the Emmy-winning Daytime show, The Real.

Another viewer wrote, “@Andy really let @erikajayne and @lisarinna get off scot-free after ‘revealing’ that Lisa took the picture of Garcelle’s book in the trash… that Erika then posted to her social media.”

The user added, “You can literally see how disappointed @GarcelleB is…”

Lisa Rinna’s lawyers contacted Garcelle Beauvais

And to make matters worse, Lisa had her lawyers contact Garcelle’s manager.

Garcelle explained on the show, that even though she didn’t write anything disrespectful toward Amelia she wanted to appease Lisa.

She immediately jumped into action and as a result, the second edition of the book as well as the audio won’t mention Amelia.

Viewers said that Lisa made a mountain out of a molehill and that her behavior was hypocritical, especially after she slammed Kathy Hilton for getting her lawyers involved in their feud.

One fan wrote, “So Lisa Rinna can call her lawyers to get Garcelle to remove something we already saw on the show from her book, but is dead set in exposing Kathy for getting lawyers involved to cover up what happened in aspen.”

Next week, Kathy Hilton will join the ladies for the long-anticipated showdown between her and Lisa.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.  

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