Lisa Rinna gets booed by fans at BravoCon

Lisa Rinna
Lisa Rinna starts off BravoCon with a bang as she gets booed on stage. Pic credit: Collin/Image Press Agency

BravoCon is in New York City this weekend and is the biggest news for Housewives fans. Everyone who is anyone in the world of Housewives is attending, and fans are also there to see the drama first-hand.

The three-day event has highly-attended Housewives forums for each franchise, and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is the hottest right now. Fans could not wait to see the ladies convene again after the reunion.

Friday morning was the RHOBH pane, which was hosted by Bravo superfan and stylist, Brad Goreski. Lisa Rinna was welcomed by a mixed crowd, with many Bravoholics booing her from the crowd.

Lisa entered the room from the side, dressed in head-to-toe orange, as she boastfully took the long walk to the stage. As she sauntered by, a sea of cheers was overrun by loud booing, likely from fans who were not happy with her behavior lately.

Lisa didn’t take too kindly to the response, and as she walked up the stairs to the stage, she raised her hand and gave the middle finger to the crowd.

If this is how BravoCon is starting, fans are going to be in for an interesting three days.

RHOBH: How did Lisa feel about the negative response from the crowd?

Right after the RHOBH panel discussion, a reporter caught up with Lisa to gauge her reaction to being booed by fans who came to see her.

“I thought it was a rite of passage,” Lisa revealed. After being in showbiz for 32 years, she claims she had never been booed in her life. But she took her first time in stride, saying, “Wow, that’s cool! Is there something wrong with me?!”

Lisa said people around her were wondering if she was OK after, but she said it was the “f***ing greatest thing to ever happen to me.”

Lisa Rinna teased drama at BravoCon the day before

Lisa took to Instagram Thursday night to remind her fans that, no matter what happens at BravoCon, they will “get Lisa F***ing Rinna, All day and night.”

Lisa Rinna edit comment.
Pic credit: @lisarinna/Instagram

She has made it clear she won’t be holding back and will be speaking her mind, which means things are going to get crazy in the Big Apple. After an explosive first episode of the reunion, and more drama on deck, fans are all in on RHOBH.

Happy BravoCon to all who celebrate!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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