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Lisa Hagan on Naked & Afraid: Everything to know about the Cajun Mermaid

Lisa Hagan
Naked and Afraid contestant Lisa Hagan is a registered nurse in Lafayette, Louisiana. Pic credit: Discovery

In Naked and Afraid on Discovery, we meet the most unlikely of heroes. One of them is Lisa Hagan.

Just last week, we met the Cajun Mermaid, Lisa Hagan, who survived breast cancer twice and decided to enter the reality TV series at the urging of a dear friend she sadly lost to the same disease.

In her introduction video from Discovery, Hagan described her outlook, her fun side, and her work as a cardiac and ER registered nurse in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Who is Lisa Hagan and why is she a Cajun Mermaid?

In her video, we are outdoors with the statuesque Hagan who joked: “I do have feet but I’m actually a mermaid at heart. I’m definitely a kick-a** coona** from Louisiana. I’m a nurse but my side gig is that I’m also a boat captain.”

Hagan explained her unusual trajectory as a pleasure boat captain and diving guide.

She said: “I got my boat captain license in the Virgin Islands. I take people on daily charters to the BVI [British Virgin Islands], where we go snorkeling.”

She added: “It is all about personality and it’s called ‘joie de vivre,’ it’s in your core. Laissez les bons temps rouler — and that means let the good times roll!”

Her strategy to survive was laid out too.

She said: “As far as shelter building, you need a raised bed. I can build that with palms; I could build it with leaves. If I’m in an ocean I can free dive for conch and lobster.”

Laughing, she added: “I’m not starving, baby!”

As for her medical history, she said: “I’m a breast cancer survivor and, surviving that, it just renewed my faith in life and just changed my perspective.”

Her inspiration was her high school friend Julie who sadly died from the disease.

“I had a high school friend who was also battling breast cancer that said, ‘Lisa you should go on Naked and Afraid.'”

She said: “Her name’s Julie, she passed away a few months ago.”

Hagan noted that when things got tough on the competition, her friend’s memory and spirit would be her inspirational touchstone she would draw strength from to win.

Lisa Hagan today

Lisa Hagan is a Registered Nurse who is currently post-Naked and Afraid and back home in the Bayou State.

She is fighting alongside fellow medics and doctors against the growing number of cases in Louisiana.

And at last count according to Worldometer, the number for Louisiana was 3,540 confirmed cases, making it number nine in a list of 50 states that ranks the number of cases (New York with the most, and Wyoming with the least (at 87 reported cases as of March 30 at 9 AM ET)).

We are appreciative of Lisa Hagan’s hard work and all the medical personnel and first responders who are on the front lines of this unprecedented pandemic the world is facing.

From Lisa Hagan’s Instagram, here she is, in her protective gear while working on front-lines as an RN at a hospital in Louisiana.

Lisa Hagen
Lisa Hagan in her RN protective gear fighting the COVID-19 battle at her hospital in Louisiana. Pic credit: Lisa Hagan/Instagram/Discovery

Hagan talks to her fans too on her public Facebook page and shares insider details from her time on the show to her current battles with COVID-19 at her hospital in Louisiana:

Numerous people asking what did u do right when u got back from your challenge? What did u eat? Well, here ya go…

Posted by Lisa Hagan, Naked & Afraid on Monday, March 30, 2020

Naked and Afraid airs Sunday at 8 PM on Discovery Channel.

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