Lindsey Georgoulis says her MAFS experience feels like ‘a lifetime ago’

Lindsey Georgoulis
MAFS’s Lindsey Georgoulis remarked on how the wild experience feels like a “lifetime ago.” Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Boston star Lindsey Georgoulis shared a throwback photo from her wedding day on the show and remarked that her experience feels like a “lifetime ago.”

Lindsey also shared a photo of the person who won the wedding dress giveaway she did earlier this month wearing the dress from MAFS. She added a snarky comment about them having better luck than she did.

During the reunion, Lindsey revealed that she and Mark Maher had only lasted a week past Decision Day, even though Lindsey had given up her apartment and moved in with Mark.

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She also announced that she had moved to the Bay Area in California and was living her best life.

Even though Lindsey claims to have moved on from the MAFS chapter of her life, her throwback Instagram post does indicate that she still gets nostalgic.

Lindsey was a polarizing figure on Season 14 for her intense and unabashed personality coupled with her treatment of Mark, both to his face and behind his back. The pair had a toxic and volatile relationship but said yes on Decision Day.

Lindsey Georgoulis talked about her MAFS experience feeling like a ‘lifetime ago’

Lindsey made a statement about her MAFS experience feeling like it was very far in the past by sharing a throwback behind-the-scenes photo from her wedding day.

The reshared photo featured a cameraman filming her and Mark sitting down together in their hotel room after the ceremony.

In a caption above the photo, Lindsey wrote, “This seems like a whole lifetime and other person ago.”

Lindsey Georgoulis' Instagram Stories
Pic credit: @asknurselindsey/Instagram

Lindsey added another photo to her Instagram Stories that showed the person who won her wedding dress giveaway. She dropped a heart eyes emoji over the photo and snapped, “Now someone else gets to enjoy it. Hopefully with better luck!”

Lindsey Georgoulis shared her predictions for the couples of Season 15 of MAFS

While doing a Q&A with her followers on Instagram, Lindsey gave predictions for the success rate of the new couples on Season 15 of MAFS.

After saying that she thought three out of the five couples would make it, Lindsey shared, “I’m thinking 2 couples are definitely Not making it. But we’ll see. I hope I’m wrong!”

Lindsey did not elaborate on her answer or reveal which couples she thought would make it.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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