Lilah Roloff learned how to do something new, mom Tori shares adorable video

LPBW stars Zach and Tori
Zach and Tori’s daughter, Lilah, learned a new skill. Pic credit: TLC

Tori Roloff of Little People Big World fame shared an adorable video of daughter, Lilah Ray on Saturday. In the video, Tori asks her daughter, “How old are you, Lilah?” Lilah proudly puts up her index finger to signal the number one.

Tori excitedly gasps and says, “Yay!” with a laugh. Lilah then squeals with excitement, obviously proud of herself.

Tori captioned the video, “Someone is stoked they learned how old they are!”

You can watch the video here.

Lilah is Tori and husband Zach Roloff’s second child. They also have an older son, Jackson.

Both of the Roloff children were born with achondroplasia dwarfism like their father, Zach.

Lilah Roloff of Little People Big World
Lilah is stoked. Pic credit: @toriroloff/Instagram

Tori and Zach learned that Lilah had dwarfism while still in utero, prompting doctors to recommend a C-section birth. Tori answered a Q&A in her stories after Lilah was born to address curious fans.

“If a parent has achondroplasia, then there’s a 50% of having a baby with achondroplasia,” Dr. John Pappas, director of clinical genetic services at NYU Langone’s Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital, told TODAY Parents. Achondroplasia is the most common type of dwarfism, occurring in one per 26,000 to 40,000 births.

Tori struggled with having another child with dwarfism

When Tori had the anatomy scan done while pregnant with Lilah, TLC cameras were there to capture the moment. Tori got emotional when she found out Lilah would also be a dwarf.

In an April 2020 Instagram post, Tori got candid about dealing with having another dwarf baby.

She said, “”I was on social media and found out that a friend of mine who was a month further along than I was at the time, was having issues with her pregnancy. That day she found out that she may never get to meet her baby. I remember being so absolutely heartbroken for her and her family.”

“So when I went to our doctor appointment and found out Lilah has dwarfism I remember feeling guilty for being worried. Because at least my daughter was healthy. At least I would get to hold her. I would get to meet her.”

Lilah is one tough girl

“There are people out there that have way more difficult journeys than I do but that doesn’t discredit my own feelings. The same goes for everyone. It’s okay to feel whatever you’re going through. It was harder for me to process having a girl but to have a girl with dwarfism is new territory for me. It’s nerve wracking for sure but I can already tell Lilah Ray is one tough girlsie.”

Tori frequently shares updates and fun family adventures including her husband Zach, son Jackson, daughter Lilah, and family dog Murphy. 

Little People Big World is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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