Life After Lockup exclusive clip: Lacey teases John while showing off her assets

Lacey chatting with John on Life After Lockup.
Lacey and John are video chatting while Shane works out with her dad. Pic credit: WEtv

Lacey from Love After Lockup is still reeling after the revelation that Shane cheated on her. The truth came out when he confessed, and since then, she has been thinking about and talking to John a lot.

Currently, Lacey and Shane’s life is playing out on Season 2 of Life After Lockup.

The couple was added to the already-established show when a few other couples were moved to the Life Goes On web series. As their drama unfolds, Lacey is growing closer to John.

Shane pushes Lacey back into John’s grip

As Lacey and Shane are trying to move past the cheating confession, things aren’t getting better. She revealed during her confessional that she feels like he started a contest about who could hurt who the worst, and she is a winner at that game.

In the exclusive Life After Lockup clip, Lacey is seen video chatting with John.

She tries to get him going by showing off her cleavage and talking seductively. Lacey wants John to take off his shirt and he obliges. These two have a long history, and she feels like he is her safe zone.

John suggests that Lacey kick out Shane.

She told him about the cheating and even had a little makeout session with him on a previous episode of Life After Lockup. Lacey appears to be considering leaving her husband out to dry, especially after he revealed he cheated on her.

Are Lacey and Shane still together?

At this point, it looks like Lacey and Shane are still together despite what may lie ahead on Life After Lockup. The season is filmed several weeks in advance of airing, and the best guess for when all of this went down was last fall.

There was some speculation that Lacey and Shane may have split after she posting some concerning images on social media, but she later deleted them, and there has been no mention of it since.

Shane shared a photo of the two a few weeks ago on Instagram, but both of them have comments turned off.

Moving forward, Lacey and Shane will have to go through all of the emotions that come with the cheating revelation.

How will he react when he learns that she has been messing with John again? Lacey hasn’t slept with John yet, but if the clip from tonight’s episode is any indication, it may not be long until she does.

Life After Lockup airs Friday nights at 9/8c on WEtv.

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