LHHH: Apple Watts update, ‘stable’ after serious car crash

Apple Watts
New updates on Apple Watts’ car accident have been released. Pic credit: VH1

We now have updated information about the current state of VH1 reality star Apple Watts’s condition. As we reported on March 24, Apple was on life support after a serious car accident while driving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

Apple starred in Season 5 of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood as an aspiring rapper. Apple was traveling on the highway last week in Baker, CA when her Mercedes collided with a Ford F250 pickup truck, causing her vehicle to flip multiple times and catch on fire.

Apple’s sister posted an update on her condition

On April 12, Dominique provided an update after Apple reportedly had successful surgery on her neck on March 29. She confirmed that her sister still cannot close her right eye and will receive an operation on April 15.

Taking to Instagram, Dominique wrote: “My baby still unresponsive but stable, she will undergo surgery on the 15th for her right eye that doesn’t close all the way. They will be putting a weight in the lid that will still allow her to open and close her eye.”

Dominique continued, “Still her nerves are bad on that side and if this isn’t done she could have complications or even go blind because her eye isn’t closing all the way,” adding, “Please keep the prayers coming.”

She also posted a link to a fundraiser for Apple’s medical costs for fans who want to help.

On April 10, Dominique posted another update, saying that there were no changes, but thanking the nurse who was sweetly caring for her sister. She also said Apple was awaiting hospital transfer and was getting therapy to help with a lung infection.

Once news broke of Apple’s accident, an outpour of support grew on social media, where fans sent love and prayers to the rapper and video vixen.

History of Apple’s life prior to her accident

Apple’s birth name is Jontelle Lafaye Watts, and she is a model, rapper, and video vixen. She endured a rough childhood growing up in the foster care system in South Central Los Angeles.

She rose to fame as a stripper, which led to a brief stint in pornography under the name “Ms. Apple Bottom.” She found fame after starring in multiple music videos from top hip hop artists, most famously the video for Wicked by rapper Future. 

She joined Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood in the fifth season, which showed her struggle to go from a successful stripper to a chart-topping rapper. The show also documented her life as a single mother to three kids – Richard, Kali, and Miyaki, from previous relationships.

Her rap career was briefly directed by famous manager Shun Love, who attempted to steer her away from stripping and street life.

The difficult relationship with her father, John Watts was also explored in the show. The two did not have a relationship after Apple was born, and she and John reconnected while on the show.

During the season, he attempted to be more involved in her life. In the season’s finale, Apple discovered from a DNA test that the two aren’t actually biologically related. John admitted he was already aware that Apple was not his biological daughter, and she eventually cut all ties with him.

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood is currently on hiatus on VH1.

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