LHHATL’s Karlie Redd doesn’t have sex with Black Ink Crew star Ceaser

Karlie Redd speaks about her and Ceaser's 'celibate' relationship on The Ed Lover Show
Karlie Redd speaks about her and Ceaser’s ‘celibate’ relationship on The Ed Lover Show

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star Karlie Redd says she and new partner Ceaser from Black Ink Crew are in a “celibate” relationship — and that they don’t have sex.

Karlie dished on the new couple’s relationship during a chat on The Ed Lover Show.

She said: “It’s a celibate relationship. We haven’t had sex. I don’t sell a bit, I don’t sell a lot…I don’t sell anything.”

She agreed that they did “sleep together, eat together and pray together”, but just no sex.

She added: “According to him he’s not celibate, but I’m not having sex with him so to me we are. I’m not ready.”

Ed then asked if she wants to be permanently celibate until they get married. She said: “Yeah, because we’re both in the limelight, very much so in the limelight, I want to make sure this relationship is real.

“Because we’re in the limelight and people are watching us under a microscope. It’s hot under a microscope. But because of that I just want to make sure it’s real.”

Ed said: “You don’t want to give up the cookies until you’re sure the person eating the cookies is worthy of the cookies.”

Karlie replied: “Yeah, he’s not eating any cookies. He’s not getting anything. Zero.”

Ed also asked her about the portrayal of women on the VH1 show. He said: “What do you say to women who say the way you all act on Love and Hip Hop is dragging women back 100 years — what do you say to that?”

She replied: “I say, then why are we the number one cable television show in America? Not the number two, not the number three — the number one highest rated show.

“If we’re taking back, then how do we become the number one show?”

She also revealed she was “dying” to have a baby, specifically a boy.

This week’s Black Ink Crew sees things get rocky when Ceaser exposes the truth about Nikki’s past. And his ex Dutchess also makes an emotional bid to win him back.

Meanwhile, Lalo and Melody commit to each other and the crew live it large on a boat off the coast of Puerto Rico.

Also, can Ted find a way to stop Ceaser from closing the shop?

Black Ink Crew airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on VH1. Love & Hip Hop Atlanta airs Mondays at 8/7c on VH1.

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