Lexi Wilson weighs in on Below Deck Med reunion show

Lexi Wilson from Below Deck Med reacts to Season 6 reunion show.
Lexi wasn’t at the reunion but she did have a couple of comments about it. Pic credit: Bravo

Lexi Wilson has weighed in on the Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 reunion show even though she didn’t attend the event.

Below Deck Med fans have known for months that fired stew Lexi would not be at the virtual chat. Host Andy Cohen spilled she gave a “hard no” at the invitation to come on the show.

There is no love lost between Lexi, her Season 6 cast members, producers, and pretty much anyone that has anything to do with Below Deck Mediterranean. Lexi has spent the entire season dissing the Bravo show and her colleagues. The reunion was no exception.

Despite claiming she will only talk about the show through Cameo, Lexi did respond to a few questions after the reunion show aired.

What did Lexi Wilson say about Below Deck Med reunion?

In an Instagram Stories Q&A session, Lexi was asked why she didn’t want to go to the reunion show. One user asked why she didn’t want to speak her truth, while another wanted to know why Lexi didn’t attend and prove she was the star of the show.

Lexi made it clear she didn’t want to mingle with the crew, nor does she need to waste her time on any of them.

Lexi does not have BDM reunion regrets
Pic credit: @lexiwilsonnnn/Instagram

Then the fired stew made a couple of comments on the reunion show, admitting she didn’t watch the whole thing, just a few clips.

“I only saw clips from social media. It’s laughable. Katie really wanted her 2 mins of fame extended. I swear these Z list wannabe celebs let a lot of things go to their heads,” she wrote in one Instagram Story.

Lexi Wilson reunion thoughts.
Pic credit: @lexiwilsonnnn/Instagram

Lexi wasn’t happy to continue to be asked why she didn’t participate in the virtual chat.

Lexi done answering reunion questions
Pic credit: @lexiwilsonnnn/Instagram

What did Lexi Wilson say about Season 6 crew members?

There were a couple of questions and comments regarding other members of the Season 6 crew.

The fired stew then commented on she felt about Captain Sandy Yawn. Lexi also agreed when a user called chef Mathew Shea and Katie Flood tools.

Lexi shares thoughts on Katie and Mathew.
Pic credit: @lexiwilsonnnn/Instagram

Lexi even had a remark about Malia White and her now-boyfriend hot engineer Jake Baker. One user wanted to know if it was obvious to the crew the two of them were going to hook up.

“She was fawning over him a lot! So Yeah,” she said.

Lexi weighs in on Malia and hot Jake.
Pic credit: @lexiwilsonnnn/Instagram

Even though Lexi Wilson keeps saying she’s done talking about her Below Deck Mediterranean stint, she keeps answering questions on social media.

Season 6 of Below Deck Med has come to an end. The reunion show didn’t impress fans much. Other than drunk Courtney Veale, who was extremely entertaining.

What do you think about Lexi’s latest Below Deck Mediterranean comments?

Below Deck Mediterranean is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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