Lexi Wilson slams Below Deck Med producer, sets record straight on ‘rich friends’ comment

Lexi Wilson from Below Deck Med talks rich friends comment and slams producers.
Lexi insists she is getting a bad edit by Bravo and didn’t diss crew. Pic credit: Bravo

Lexi Wilson has slammed Below Deck Mediterranean executive producer Nadine Rajabi as she set the record straight on her ‘rich friends’ comment.

It’s been a roller coaster of a season for Lexi, that’s for sure. After her intense fight with chef Mathew Shea that included clashing with other crew members, Captain Sandy Yawn fired Lexi.

Now, as the drama played out onscreen, Lexi is speaking her truth off-screen yet again.

Lexi from Below Deck Med sets the record straight on ‘rich friends’ comment

Before Lexi was fired from Below Deck Mediterranean, she called her mother to talk. Lexi said that she only wants rich friends, leading Below Deck Med viewers to believe she was bashing the crew.

After the episode dropped on Peacock, social media began buzzing with outrage at Lexi for being such a snob. The backlash prompted Lexi to share her version of what really went down.

Lexi explained that she was once again given a bad edit. She has repeatedly said the editing was intentional to make her look like a villain.

This time around, Lexi revealed that she was talking to her mom about a former friend who used her for money.

“Hence where the I need “rich friends” came from. Totally unrelated to the crew or the argument I had it. I will not let you guys paint this false narrative @bleowdeckmedbravo, @bravodailydish seriously I’m not letting you guys get away with this horrible narrative,” she wrote across the video, which was captured by Instagram fan account @belowdeckaboveaverage.

The former stew went on to express that she made the remark she only wants rich friends because she doesn’t want to get used again.

Lexi Wilson calls out Below Deck Mediterranean executive producer Nadine Rajabi

As mentioned above, Lexi has been blasting Bravo for giving her a bad edit. Lexi has even warned future cast members against going on the show because of a lack of support after filming and editing.

The former Miss Bahamas declared that editing purposely clipped the episode to make it appear like she was talking about the Lady Michelle crew. According to Decider, Lexi slammed executive producer Nadine Rajabi for reaching out to her claiming the entire crew was edited fairly on the show.

“And the nerve of you to message me talking about how you treated me fairly #nadinerajabi when you allowed this to happen!” Lexi wrote in her Instagram Stories, the website reported.

Season 6 of Below Deck Med has certainly featured Lexi Wilson as an outcast and troublemaker. Lexi still insists there’s more to the story. She’s also over it.

Lexi won’t be at the reunion show and has expressed her desire to stop talking about the hit-yachting show.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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2 years ago

So Lexi wants us to believe that though she calls herself satan and the devil, rants about how much if a b***h she can be (as if we didn’t know), brags bout her money like it’s so much more than anyone could ever make, brags about her biology degree then later says she has a physics degree which makes her smarter than everyone else all the while she is trying to get out of paying for her meal, and is working as 2nd stewardess as the laundry b***h and doing beds and heads, she wants us to believe thet it was really all bad editing. All I can say is, Ding dong the b***h is gone, the b***h is gone, the b***h is gone. Ding dong that crazy a** b***h is gone!

Brian M
Brian M
2 years ago
Reply to  Cindy

Narcissism at its worst. Look up the symptoms of a narcissist personality disorder…she hits a lot of them. I lived with a narcissistic woman for years. Women complain about narcissistic men, but narcissistic women are worse…take the symptoms of a narcissist, and add emotions, and all the womanly issues that add to drama on top of that…it is really ugly. Narcissists have got to be the worst people to have to deal with…think they are god’s gift, do no wrong, have excuses to cover everything they could possibly do wrong all the time…need egos fed all the time, have to be told they are the best, and know best….they have to call the shots…it just goes on and on…read up on it…google it….they are horrible people.

2 years ago

No matter what was edited, no matter what Lexi says she meant by her comment of “only rich friends”, the fact is what she said is the definition of being a snob. She’s a self absorbed b***h. Listen to the way she spoke to her mother on the phone…no respect for anyone. But she did make for a great season on Below Deck Mediterranean. LOL