Lexi Wilson admits she said ‘horrible things’ on Below Deck Med, wishes she had done better

Lexi Wilson from Below Deck Mediterranean has regrets about behavior on show.
Lexi has owned her faults claims Below Deck Med viewers don’t know everything. Pic credit: Bravo

Lexi Wilson has admitted she said horrible things on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6. The fired stew reveals she wishes she had done better during her stint on the hit Bravo show.

After months of slamming Bravo and producers for giving her a bad edit, Lexi has owned up to the mistakes she made on Below Deck Med.

Not that she is having a complete change of heart. The Bahamas native regrets her behavior but also claims the rest of the crew was far from innocent.

Below Deck Mediterranean’s Lexi Wilson admits she said horrible things on show

Season 6 didn’t bring out the best in Lexi, that’s for sure. When Lexi stopped by Another Below Deck Podcast, she got real about what she said to her Lady Michelle colleagues.

Two things that come to mind are her calling Lloyd Spencer a”p***y” and declaring Chef Mathew Shea should have been aborted.

“You know what, I did say some horrible things. And you can’t say those things,” Lexi spilled.

The Bravo personality even shared that her mother told her never to say those things. Lexi also owned up to calling chef Mathew the r-word.

No, she hasn’t changed her tune about chef Mathew. Lexi still has nothing good to say about him.

“I feel like if Mathew was the last human in the world and I would have to like mate with him to like keep the human race going. I would like let it die,” she expressed.

Lexi wishes she had done better on Below Deck Med

At the Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 reunion, chief stew Katie Flood and bosun Malia White spilled there was a lot fans didn’t see from the hot and crew mess fight night. They declared production had to step in and that Lexi got a good edit.

Lexi believes what Below Deck Med fans saw was a misunderstanding because so much more occurred in the hot tub that led to the crew mess altercation. She insists everyone was at fault for that night, not just her. If more footage from the night had aired, Lexi feels viewers would understand what made her so angry.

“I was being attacked in the jacuzzi,” Lexi shared.

Despite feeling she isn’t the only one to blame, Lexi does wish she could have done better on the hit-yachting show.

“After you watch things and I would definitely say I’m glad I saw it. So, some of the things I’ve done wasn’t OK. And I wish I could do it better. That’s one thing I took away from the show,” Lexi stated.

It’s safe to say that Lexi Wilson won’t be back on Below Deck Mediterranean or any other Below Deck show. Lexi has made it perfectly clear reality television was not for her.

Plus, she didn’t have great things to say about the production, especially executive producer Nadine Rajabi.

Below Deck Mediterranean is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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