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Leneathra Reed update: Where is My 600-lb Life star now?

Leneathra Reed’s journey to wellness caught a lot of attention for the My 600-lb Life TLC series, which is experiencing a lot of negative press from lawsuits and legal actions against Austin, Texas, and UK based production company, Megalomedia.

Leneathra Reed is a self-described “God-fearing mother, kingdom-minded, and just simply blessed” and one of the subjects of TLC’s My 600-lb Life.

She captured the interest of many fans of the series and was one of the lucky ones who got the message from Dr. Younan Nowzaradan and did something about her state of being.

The morbidly obese mother got motivated to the point where her journey went viral.

Leneathra Reed’s replay on My 600-lb Life was relived by the viewership who remember her appearance on Good Morning America after vowing to lose 451 pounds.

Although her initial weight loss journey was stop-and-go, not easy at all for her, she was cast to appear on the series and continued her weight loss journey with Dr. Now in 2019.

Leneathra Reed
Leneathra Reed here in December 2019, she captured many fans of My 600-lb Life attention for her enthusiasm for Dr. Now’s plan. Pc credit: Leneathra Reed/Facebook

Leneathra’s viral workout video inspired millions as she vowed to lose 451 pounds.

The national news exposure helped her cause

Good Morning America picked up her story in 2018 before she appeared on My 600-lb Life. also picked up the story and did a feature on Leneathra’s weight loss journey.

She vowed to lose the excess weight but has not reached the goals set forth by Dr. Now on the TLC series. reported that she explained her weight gain and said she was never skinny, yet was approximately (by My 600-lb Life standards) a normal-ish 200 pounds.

A breast reduction and round of steroids during her recovery changed all that. The medication caused her weight to climb, and she said: “I didn’t really acknowledge I was getting bigger because I didn’t feel it.”

Leneathra Reed update: Where is My 600-lb Life star now?

Leneathra’s Instagram feed lists her full name as Leneathra Reed-McClelland. It is a private account.

Using her social media platform, the mother shares that a new path is in store for her.

She claims she is a student at the University of Phoenix, an online college. She also lists a business, but the website Phat2fit is no longer active.

Tune in to see if Leneathra makes the cut for Where Are They Now for My 600-lb Life.

My 600-lb Life air Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.

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