LeeAnne Locken accused of leaking Bryan Redmond video — Here’s why RHOD cast thinks it’s her

real housewives of dallas cast
The RHOD cast met with Andy Cohen to talk about who leaked a video that showed Bryan Redmond being unfaithful to his wife Brandi. Pic credit: Bravo/Heidi Gutman

LeeAnn Locken was accused of leaking a video of Bryan Redmond with another woman by the cast of The Real Housewives of Dallas. Here’s why they think she had something to do with it.

During part two of the series’ reunion special, which aired on May 11, show host Andy Cohen asked Brandi to speak about the rumors of her husband’s infidelity after a video of him with another woman surfaced earlier this year.

Brandi was visibly upset while speaking about the scandal as part of Andy’s rapidfire questions as the RHOD reunion show began to wind down. But when he asked who might have leaked the video that rocked Brandi’s marriage, she and other RHOD cast members felt like they knew exactly who it was.

The cast quickly jumped to Brandi’s defense, claiming they believe former housewife LeeAnne Locken was behind the dirty deed.

Andy spoke to the women in person, except for Brandi and Kary, who were present virtually after Kary tested positive for COVID-19.

He asked the reality television star how she has been since this drama unfolded.

Brandi said she was “disappointed” this happened and said she was aware of the situation. She claimed the video was taken in Las Vegas during a dual bachelor/bachelorette for her sister and brother-in-law.

Brandi was shocked by one important detail Andy brought to her attention

Brandi revealed to Andy that the video was recorded not earlier this year, but rather in 2018.

But when Andy asked about the marriage and how the video affected it, Brandi revealed that she was standing by her man.

She said in response to Andy’s questions about her marriage, “This was the craziest year and my darkest hour, that man was there for me and is there for me, so I feel like I would be a piece of s**t if I wasn’t there for him.”

“He’s hurting too right now,” she said, regarding the death of Bryan’s mom in October 2020.

Brandi revealed that her main priority at the moment was to protect her children: Brooklyn, 11, Brinkley, 9, Bruin, 2, and 3-month-old Brilynn.

Here’s why the cast thinks it was LeeAnn

Brandi told Andy during the special that she thinks the video was leaked by someone who was trying to hurt her.

“I think this video has been put out there and I think someone did it to try and hurt me once again and they were successful,” she shared.

“Who would do that?” the host asked. In response Brandi said that she thinks everyone knows.

This led the host to question D’Andra Simmons about Brandi’s remark. She responded that she assumed she was referring to LeeAnne.

“She keeps things for years and releases it when she thinks it’s appropriate,” she said. “She [tries] to harass someone or make someone feel horrible about themselves. It’s shameful and it’s awful behavior.”

The Real Housewives of Dallas is currently on hiatus.

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