Leandro mocked for picking out bra, 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way fans wonder if his girlfriend is made up

Leandro was being mocked for buying bras for Ari. Pic credit: TLC

Ariela Weinberg’s ex-husband, Leandro, was already on shaky ground with Biniyam Shibre, but the tension became overwhelming when he shared his goody bag of gifts.

Naturally, Leandro wanted to bring some creature comforts to his ex-wife and best friend. In the bag, he pulled out dental floss, baby toys, and bras. The latter did not go over well.

90 Day Fiance fans noticed that Biniyam was upset

Biniyam was hard-pressed to try and smile after seeing lingerie laid out in front of him. The 90 Day Fiance personality made it clear he was not okay with these types of gifts even after Ariela defended her need.

Leandro tried to smooth the rogue gift over by explaining that his girlfriend had picked them out at home. Naturally, fans pounced on the chance to mock him on Biniyam’s behalf. 

@LeoMarkus123 took to Reddit to share a humorous take on the altercation, writing, “So this man has a whole girlfriend at home that helped him pick out bras?”

Pic credit: Reddit

90 Day Fiance fans don’t think Leandro is to blame

While some fans found the whole idea of bra gift-giving hilarious, others noted that Ariela had ordered specific bras for Leandro to bring with him. 

Leandro made it clear that he was just the messenger and Biniyam being insulted actually wasn’t his fault. 

@Imangelalastegg stated, “Right?! Bini keeps saying it’s inappropriate, but she ordered and asked for this! Not the guys fault.”

Pic credit: @Own-Examination-8708/Reddit

While @Own-Examination-8708 made a valid point saying, “Are we supposed to believe that women in Ethiopia are not wearing bras? Or have access to any? Amazon? Come on…… how does she have a face full of makeup and she’s getting her nails done, but she can’t get a bra?”

Why didn’t Ariela ask her mom to send her bras?

But perhaps the funniest 90 Day Fiance fan comment came from @provincetown1234 when they wrote, “Any mom that actually travels to Ethiopia to check out the hospitals could find a way to ship bras to her daughter and have them delivered. You know it, I know it, and most importantly, Ari knows it.”

Pic credit: @Provincetown1234/Reddit

Ariela and Leandro’s reunion felt a bit off as well, and there was still some sexual tension between the former husband and wife. 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way followers were gobsmacked to hear Ariela admit she always thought she’d get back with Leandro.

The love triangle was left with Biniyam looking upset and Ariela fiddling with the black bras Leandro just handed her. 90 Day Fiance fans also were questioning if Leandro made up having a girlfriend to try and save face.

It is a fair assumption that Biniyam will be keeping his eyes on the visitor in hopes of catching him in a scandalous act. 

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs Sunday at 8/7c on TLC.

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