Leah Messer wants her own Teen Mom spinoff show

Leah poses for an IG Story pic Feb 2023
Leah looks beautiful and refreshed in a recent selfie. Pic credit: @leahmesser/Instagram

With rumors swirling that she could be leaving the Teen Mom franchise, Leah Messer recently revealed that she would like to branch out with her own spinoff show.

Leah has been sharing her storyline with Teen Mom viewers since 2010.

As a teenage mom raising twin daughters while navigating a divorce, Leah’s story has captured Teen Mom 2 viewers’ attention for more than a decade.

These days, however, Leah has turned her life around as a mom to three daughters with some promising business ventures in the works. And now, it looks like she has her sights set on furthering her career within the Teen Mom franchise.

In a recent exchange on social media, Leah engaged with a Teen Mom fan on an Instagram post.

In her reply, Leah told a fan, “I think after putting in 13 years, staying dedicated, and sharing the toughest moments of our lives.. My little fam wants our own show/special or something.”

Leah Messer tells Teen Mom viewers she would like a spinoff show featuring herself and her three daughters

Leah added that she would be interested in sharing where she and her three daughters are today as a family of four, showing how she’s overcome the challenges of being a teen mom.

“I’ll still advocate for young girls to pursue their dreams and prevent teen pregnancy,” Leah added.

In response to another fan who complained about the direction in which Teen Mom has gone, Leah added that she’d like to see more appearances by the kids from the Teen Mom franchise.

“I hate that we’re missing out on so much great content these days with the kids,” Leah wrote. “My kids love filming and sharing our story.”

Leah shares her three daughters with her two ex-husbands. She and Corey Simms share 13-year-old twin daughters, Ali and Aleeah, and Leah and Jeremy Calvert share their 10-year-old daughter, Addie.

While most of the rest of the moms from the Teen Mom franchise chose to film for Season 2 of Teen Mom Family Reunion, Leah did not. Her absence from the spinoff had fans of the show curious about her future with the franchise.

Leah hinted at some upcoming business endeavors

In recent weeks, Leah has been sharing some sultry photoshoots and teasing some upcoming professional ventures.

Most recently, Leah hinted at a possible podcast. In an Instagram post earlier this month, Leah shared footage from inside a studio. A neon sign reading “Be Forreal” adorned the wall, and she captioned her share, “Progress ?✨ . With the odds stacked against me, I could crack Da Vinci ..⏳.”

For now, Leah hasn’t elaborated on any of her career plans, so her fans and followers will have to wait and see what all the hype is about.

Teen Mom Family Reunion is currently on hiatus.

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