Leah Messer admits getting cosmetic work done – and wanting more!

Leah Messer implants
Leah Messer denies having cheek fillers done. Pic credit: MTV

Leah Messer recently posted a photo of herself with her three daughters, revealing how proud she was to be their mom. However, the Teen Mom 2 star got responses that she didn’t expect. Messer’s fans pointed out that her face looked different and they asked whether she had work done.

Fans wondered whether she had gotten cheek fillers, a trend that both Kylie Jenner and Farrah Abraham have taken part in. Apparently, the cheek filler chatter got so bad that Leah had to address it on her social media account because media outlets were reaching out to her about getting work done.

In a photo that looks similar to the one she shared, Leah Messer revealed that it was sad that she had to post about the work she chose to have done but felt that she needed to release a statement about it and clear things up.

The post was rather long, revealing that she did indeed have some cosmetic work done on her teeth and she wanted to get her breasts done too. She also noted that she had gained weight.

“I did have some small cosmetic work done on my teeth and what I really want is to get my boobs done – FYI! (Just being real!),” she revealed, adding, “thanks for the comments on looking fuller to point that out to me, LOL!”

Messer noted that if she wanted to have more cosmetic work done, including cheek fillers, she would want support from her Teen Mom 2 fans, not comments that would bring her down. She also noted that she was the best and healthiest version of herself these days.

Leah reminded fans that her passion is to help others love themselves, as she herself had learned over the past couple of years.

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