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Lawyer behind My 600-lb Life lawsuits admits he wants to put an end to the show

Lawyer behind My 600-lb Life lawsuits admits he wants to put an end to the show
Tony Buzbee is representing lawsuits against My 600-lb Life. Pic credit: Buzbee Law Firm/TLC

When the first lawsuit arrived for My 600-lb Fiance, many fans dismissed the idea as a family of a deceased cast member wanting to place blame somewhere.

Now that three more lawsuits have arrived, this time from living patients from the weight loss series, fans have accused the attorney of just trying to get a money grab.

However, those viewers don’t know much about Tony Buzbee, the man representing all four cases against the producers of My 600-lb Life.

Who is the lawyer behind My 600-lb Life lawsuits?

The lawyer representing the four cases against the producers of My 600-lb Life is Tony Buzbee.

Those who think this is a cash grab by Buzbee should look and see what this powerful Texas attorney has accomplished in his past.

Buzbee is a former Marine who, as an attorney, represented a case against BP (from the Deepwater Horizon incident).

His firm represented people in Texas City off Galveston Bay where a refinery explosion killed 15 people and injured 170. Thousands of damage claims were filed.

Tony Buzbee represented these people, sued BP, and the company had to pay out $2.1 billion in claims. Buzbee himself made $100 million from that case.

“I’m at war,” Buzbee said when he was working the BP case. “This is my mission. As a Marine I won’t fail.”

Richard Melancon, a former partner, said  “When Tony tries a case, he opens a flamethrower right away. A flamethrower attached to a bulldozer.”

This attitude and desire to help people might be why he picked up 44 percent of the votes when he ran for Mayor of Houston in 2019.

Tony Buzbee talks My 600-lb Life lawsuits

It is no different when it comes to the case against Megalomedia and the My 600 Lb Life‘s production team.

This isn’t about people who failed to succeed in their weight loss from the show. It isn’t about getting a quick payday. Buzbee told The Business Journals that it is about making Megalomedia take care of the patients it brought on the show.

“Doctors are supposed to be medical professionals focused on patient welfare, not instigators of ratings. Rather than focus on the welfare of the patients, the medical staff and producers of this show are instead focused on ratings.”

Buzbee pointed out that fans who are against the lawsuits he filed are likely people who enjoy watching the show because it is entertaining. However, he cares more about the patients and the lack of aftercare they received after their stints on the show ended.

“The show wreaks havoc on those that appear. We intend to end this show, unless it makes dramatic changes.”

The idea is separating reality TV as something meant to just entertain people from the fact that it really can destroy the lives of those involved. Especially those who are promised medical help and then are left with a $20,000 tab when they finish filming the show.

My 600-lb Life airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on TLC.