LaVonne and Ephraim Young: Here’s what to know about The Bachelorette Michelle Young’s parents

Michelle Young's parents hold hands
Michelle Young hopes to find love like her parents on The Bachelorette Season 18. Pic credit: ABC

Michelle Young is looking for a lasting relationship on The Bachelorette and her greatest hope is to find love as powerful as her parents’ love. 

Michelle’s parents, LaVonne and Ephraim, captured Bachelor Nations’ hearts in their brief appearances in the franchise due to their sweet support of Michelle and genuine love for one another. Michelle often refers to the great example her parents set regarding what true love should look like.

Here’s what to know about Michelle’s lovely parents. 

LaVonne and Ephraim have been married for decades 

Michelle’s mother, LaVonne, and father, Ephraim, have been married for several decades and appear to still be as in love as ever. 

Michelle’s parents reportedly live in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, and raised their three kids in Minnesota. They have three children which include Michelle, her brother Alex, and her sister Angela. 

Michelle’s entire family seems to enjoy sports and be athletic. Michelle played Division One basketball in college and her brother partook in soccer and basketball too. 

Both LaVonne and Ephraim appear to be retired and it looks like LaVonne had been a school teacher in her past, similar to Michelle Young who currently teaches at an elementary school. 

While Michelle’s parents don’t seem to be on Instagram, LaVonne does have a Facebook page where she often posts adorable photos of her and Ephraim. 

LaVonne and Ephraim debuted on Matt James’ season of The Bachelor 

During The Bachelorette Season 18 premiere, Michelle Young sat with her parents as they emotionally expressed their full support of her as she prepared to embark on her unique and nationally televised love journey. 

However, that wasn’t the first time LaVonne and Ephraim made an appearance on The Bachelor franchise. 

Michelle made it to hometowns during Matt James’ season of The Bachelor and he had the opportunity to meet Michelle’s parents and even play basketball with them at the end of the night. 

During the hometown date, Michelle emotionally reunited with her parents. They comforted Michelle as she recalled a challenging time in her life and she expressed her gratitude for the way her parents picked her up. 

Her dad, Ephraim, expressed his belief that it’s his and her mother’s job to be there when things get tough and protect her from anything that could potentially hurt her. 

Michelle says her parents are the reason she’s still single 

Michelle’s family and their opinions mean a lot to Michelle and she explained that her parents play a part in why she’s still single. 

Since LaVonne and Ephraim have such a special love, Michelle doesn’t want to settle until she finds love as powerful as theirs. She’s looking for someone understanding, who can be her teammate, and who she can laugh with just like her parents. 

LaVonne hopes Michelle will find a man like her dad because he is so kind and giving. Overall, Michelle’s parents feel that if her future fiancé means a lot to her, he will also mean a lot to them. 

At the end of her season, whichever guy Michelle chooses will be lucky to join such a supportive and genuine family like the Youngs. 

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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