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Lauren Swanson’s Counting On pregnancy announcement comes weeks after miscarriage revelation

Lauren Swanson and Josiah Duggar
Josiah and Lauren Duggar announced their pregnancy on Counting On. Pic credit: TLC

Lauren Swanson and Josiah Duggar announced her pregnancy to the family on the most recent episode of Counting On. Not only were the Duggars present at the dinner, but also the Swansons and the Caldwells.

This was a bittersweet moment for Counting On viewers as it was already announced that Lauren Swanson suffered a miscarriage. The news was leaked before the season began, prompting the couple to make an official announcement on social media.

Josiah and Lauren’s pregnancy announcement

Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson decided to announce their pregnancy only days after confirming that they were expecting with a home pregnancy test. She decided to wear a shirt that said “mama in the making,” something that she planned out before heading to the family dinner at the Duggar house.

Things appeared to be going well for the newly-married couple, who found out they were expecting just a few months after tying the knot last June. Lauren was excited to become a mom and to build a family with the man she loves.

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Many of yall don't know this, but a couple of months ago we found out we were expecting, however, soon after we miscarried. At first, we kind of wanted to just stay quiet about the news, but knew that since everyone is anticipating for us to announce that were having a baby, we felt like it was time that we told everyone that our first and only baby is in heaven. It is hard to hear when people asks us if we are expecting, when we only recently lost our baby. You can imagine it was devastating to the both of us. Our expectations of setting up a baby room, hearing the heart beat, feeling the baby's first kick in mommys tummy, holding our little one and getting to to see our precious baby were – Shattered. Gone. Right before our eyes. Even though our sweet child is no longer with us, it is such a comfort to know that one day we will get to see our baby in Heaven! To the ones who have gone through this, I know your pain. It’s real and terrible. I just want you to know you don’t have to suffer in pain alone. It is not your fault. We greatly appreciate your prayers as we go through this hard time! Love, -Josiah and Lauren #countingon #TLC #miscarriage #ourbabyisafeinthearmsofjesus

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Tragedy strikes

Right now, details about Lauren Swanson’s miscarriage weren’t given. The couple confirmed they had lost their first child, something that rocked them to their core. Now, they are reliving their joy as they watch Counting On while also facing the reality that Lauren should be halfway through her pregnancy in real time.

Jessa Duggar announced she was expecting her third child back in January. She recently revealed that Lauren Swanson shared the same due date. While she was sharing that she hit week 25 in her pregnancy, she acknowledged how troubling it may be for Lauren to watch, as it would have been similar for her.

Next week, Lauren and Josiah will share the news of the miscarriage. Although it isn’t easy for them, they both want others to know they are not alone when it comes to this loss.

Counting On airs on Monday nights at 9/8c on TLC.

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