Lauren slams MAFS fans who called Clare’s job ‘trying to get her fired’

MAFS stars Lauren Good and Clare Kerr screenshot
Lauren Good defends Clare Kerr. Pic credit: Lifetime

Lauren Good has been seeing the online attacks aimed at herself and her Season 17 castmates, and now she’s coming to the defense of Clare Kerr.

Clare has been getting backlash from Married at First Sight viewers and it’s not just for the part she played in the demise of her marriage to Cameron Frazer.

She’s also getting blamed for interfering in the relationships between the other wives, whose marriages have all failed.

However, MAFS fans have taken things too far, and Lauren wants it to stop!

She noted that people have been sending Clare “nasty messages” online and even calling her job to try and get her fired.

The 31-year-old also noted that reality TV isn’t exactly reality and that viewers should think about that when watching the show.

Lauren Good blasts MAFS fans for trying to get Clare Kerr fired from her job

Lauren had a lot to get off her chest after months of fielding online criticism about herself and her costars.

Most recently, she read some of the comments online and chided MAFS fans for their behavior towards Clare.

“leave Clare alone,” she wrote.” Folks calling her job trying to get her fired, sending her nasty messages saying she was responsible for her brother’s death… that’s mean as s**t for no reason!”

She also told viewers–in less than pleasant terms– that “reality tv isn’t reality driven.”

A seemingly frustrated Lauren added, “We are real people just f**king trying. I typically be chillin and enjoying my privacy, but I had to get that off my chest.”

Lauren Good defends Clare Kerr
Pic credit: @mafsfan/Instagram

Lauren has been getting heat for her scenes with Orion Martzloff

Lauren started the season as a fan favorite, and viewers were in her corner when Orion Martzloff opted to divorce her immediately after their honeymoon.

However, viewers got frustrated that even after the couple ended their marriage, they were still featured in several episodes.

The exes attended the couple’s retreat even though they were no longer a couple, and they continued to film more scenes together.

After Orion’s poor treatment of Lauren, fans were outraged that she still wanted to maintain a friendship with him, and that’s when she started to lose their support.

However, the final straw for viewers was the latest episode where the former couple was featured again, this time, broaching the conversation of being more than friends.

While Lauren didn’t exactly agree to do that, she was admittedly open to further conversation on the topic, which angered viewers even more.

Meanwhile, we haven’t seen the last of Orion and Lauren just yet, as there are a few more episodes left to play out before the season ends.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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Stephanie Borden
Stephanie Borden
29 days ago

Lauren never intended to get back together with Orion. She enjoyed the power position and loved watching him twist in the wind. Revenge is sweet!