Lauren Lane says ‘I cannot gain weight’ in clapback at The Bachelor body shamer

Lauren Bushnell Lane
Lauren Bushnell Lane hits back at Instagram body shamers targeting her postpartum body. Pic credit: ABC

Lauren Lane hit back at an Instagram DM commenting on her postpartum body and opened up about how harmful the constant judgment has been since her pregnancy.

Lauren shared just one of the comments she’s gotten in an Instagram story that read, “she is so damn sickly looking I can hardly stand it.”

Lauren Lane, previously Bushnell, rose to fame as Ben Higgins’ final pick on The Bachelor. The two split less than two years later, and Lauren is now married to country singer Chris Lane.

The two welcomed their first son, Dutton, in June 2021. Lauren opened up in her response to the body-shaming message that she had experienced a lot of insecurity about her body since the pregnancy.

“No matter what I do I cannot gain weight. The only time in the last 10 years I’ve been able to is being pregnant or on oral contraceptives. Otherwise, it’s just how my body wants to be,” Lauren wrote.

“I wish I had my pregnancy booty but I don’t and apparently some people on the internet don’t like that.”

Bachelor's Lauren Lane targeted by body shaming DM
Pic credit: @laurenlane/Instagram

The Bachelor alum continued to defend herself against claims that she looked “sickly” by saying that she eats healthy and often out-eats her husband.

Lauren Lane doesn’t hold back what she thinks of body-shamers

Lauren also addressed a question by one of her followers asking “How to handle body image issues and accept your own for how God made it?”

“I just had a bunch of blood work done because society tells you that if you don’t fit into a certain mold – there is something wrong with you,” she wrote.

Lauren continued to detail how damaging this narrative was for her and how she struggled with believing herself sick because of how many similar messages she received.

Lauren lane hits back at instagram body shamers
Pic credit: @laurenlane/Instagram

She ended the Instagram story with the powerful message, “Let’s not comment on women’s bodies pp bc there is so much too it and also a tremendous amount of emotion that comes along with it all.”

Lauren remains open about her history of Botox and filler

This DM is far from the only message Lauren’s received about her body. She also shared a question in the same story asking if she currently has any filler. She’s also previously opened up about the cosmetic procedures she had done both before and after appearing on The Bachelor.

Lauren Lane answers question about filler
Pic credit: @laurenlane/Instagram

Despite the negative messages, Lauren has been adamant about encouraging body positivity during pregnancy and has openly documented her journey online.

Lauren has made it clear that her new son Dutton is her top priority as she also talked about a natural distancing from The Bachelor franchise and about how she plans to balance supporting her husband on tour with the challenges of having a young child at home.

Lauren Lane talks moving away from the bachelor franchise

The Bachelor returns Monday, January 24th at 8/7c on ABC. 

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