Lauren Good claps back at MAFS viewers for calling her ‘silly and desperate’

MAFS star Lauren Good screenshot
Lauren Good lashes out at MAFS viewers. Pic credit: Lifetime

Lauren Good has been silent for most of Season 17, but now she’s speaking out after being called “silly and desperate” by viewers.

The Married at First Sight star took to social media to get some things off her chest, responding to the ongoing criticism.

Lauren was a fan-favorite when she and Orion Martzloff first tied the knot earlier in the season, and after the marriage failed, they sided with her and blasted Orion.

However, after the 27-year-old decided to end his marriage to Lauren people were surprised that she still wanted to maintain a relationship with him.

The couple continued to film scenes together, showing up for Chloe and Michael’s wedding and even attending the couples retreat–weeks after calling it quits.

Viewers grew frustrated with Lauren for hanging out with Orion after he divorced her for no legitimate reason.

Eventually, fans withdrew their support and started to bash Lauren on social media, especially after she entertained Orion’s suggestion of being friends with benefits.

However, Lauren is clapping back at her critics, and in a lengthy message, she hinted that her scenes with Orion had more to do with the producers and not her own doing.

Lauren Good claps back after being called ‘silly and desperate’ by MAFS viewers

Lauren is fed up with the criticism aimed her way, so she took to Instagram to clear up a few things.

The MAFS star reiterated some of the things that’s been said about her online, “Why is she still on the show?! I hate her! She’s silly and desperate. Ugh why do we have to see the losers every week.”

She continued, “They got divorced they should be off the show… Chile…boo hoo sad story, every week same comments 😂.”

“Why are yall still watching?” she said.

Lauren noted that she didn’t have a choice regarding filming– which is why we continued to see her on the show even after her split from Orion– not because she was desperate.

“I don’t have a desperate bone in my body,” said Lauren.

Lauren Good claps back at MAFS critics
Pic credit: @mafsfan/Instagram.

Lauren slams rude comments and insists she was just being herself

The MAFS star explained in her message that she joined the show because she thought it would be an “exciting way to get married and start a love story.”

However, she admittedly “didn’t realize all the contractual strings attached.” Hint hint: if she didn’t film she would be breaking her contract, which comes with a fine.

“Call me Marshawn Lynch (bc I’m not getting fined), call me Denzel Washington (bc I’m leaving here with something), but don’t call me desperate,” she wrote.

Lauren said she’s had to block several people for “rude and mean comments,” adding, “All I did was go on and be my human self in front of cameras in very uncomfortable settings.”

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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