Lauren Burnham admits postpartum depression was ‘pretty difficult’ with the twins

Lauran and Arie share an intimate moment with Bachelor nation.
Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham share an intimate moment with Bachelor Nation. Pic credit: ABC

Lauren Burnham is now a happy mom of three after giving birth to twins in June of last year.

The Bachelor alum got candid on Instagram earlier this week about the reality of being a mom and how she’s suffered from postpartum depression after the birth of her twins.

Lauren Burnham opens up about dealing with postpartum depression

Arie and Lauren welcomed their first baby girl, Alessi in May of 2019. They became pregnant again but unfortunately, Lauran had a miscarriage in 2020 while most of the globe was in lockdown. As this was a devastating time for Lauren, her family, and Bachelor Nation, the arrival of her twins was a highly anticipated event. She gave birth to her twin babies Lux and Senna in June of 2021.

Although at first glance, Lauren’s life seems to glimmer with love, happiness, and fulfillment, she has been quite honest with her fans over social media. Earlier this week she admitted that things were actually quite difficult after the birth of her twins.

Lauren often allows fans to ask questions on her Instagram stories and takes the time to respond honestly. When a fan asked about how she is doing and commented on how she hasn’t been as active on social media, Lauren opened up publically.

She wrote, “this time around has been pretty difficult if i’m being honest. i’ve experienced some ppd & i’ve had a hard time figuring out how to divide my time & energy. I’m starting to feel a lot better though!”

Lauren communicates authentically even though her experiences as a young mom have been hard. Her quoted response to the fan’s question was welcomed by viewers. Lauren highlights both sides of being a mom, everything from the positives to the negatives, like dealing with postpartum depression.

Lauren opens up about what its like dealing with postpartum depression.

Lauren balances the bad with the good by posting a lot of heart-warming, adorable moments with her family. Over Christmas, the darling family shared a picture wishing everyone happy holidays.

Lauren leaves an open channel of communication about her life with fans which allows viewers to understand what life in her shoes must be like. Fans are not shy about spreading the love they feel for Lauren and her family.

Fans comment on Lauren's social media status.

Lauren and Arie are calling it quits on having more kids

The beautiful family of three decided to stop having biological kids after their twins were born. Arie and Laren were recently invited to chat on the Almost Famous podcast where they discussed the decision for Arie to get a vasectomy. With a perfectly rounded family, a boy and two girls, Arie felt comfortable calling it quits on having more biological babies.

“This is it. I think we’re so happy because we have our boy, we have the two girls. And I’m already 40, guys. I can’t be having kids any later than this in my life. I want to be, like, an active dad. So, I think three is OK.” Arie opens up on the podcast.

With three kids, a beautiful home, and a supportive relationship, Lauren and Arie are set to enjoy their time as a family this coming year.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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