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Laura Jallali pays tribute to ‘second mom,’ son asks 90 Day Fiance star to remove it

Laura at the 90 Day Fiance The Other Way Tell All
Laura Jallali tried to pay tribute to a woman from her past but was quickly shut down. Pic credit: TLC

Ever since Laura Jallali kissed Raul Cabrera and tried to pass them off as a new couple, the fallen 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way star has been laying low.

She did post a tribute recently to a woman she called her “second mom” and when the woman’s real son found out, even more drama ensued.

It all started with this post, which was shared by Laura before only recently being deleted. Thankfully, Laura’s latest drama was preserved in the form of screenshots, shared by 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates.

Laura shared a photo of a fairly popular Florida minister Cathy Lechner along with a message that said, “My sweet second mother got her wings today to soar above us all where she will have no more pain and live in paradise but she will be missed so much by many of us who’s life she touched. Love you Cathy Lechner. Thank you all for you kind and sweet condolences. God Bless.”

In the comments, Cathy’s son Gabriel took major offense to Laura’s post and asked her to remove it, all while exposing her for 90 Day Fiance fans, yet again.

He wrote, “Ok, my name is Gabriel Lechner. I’m Cathy Lechner’s son. We have not spoken to this woman in well over a decade, probably closer to 2 decades. My mom did not see her as a daughter. While she was in the hospital fighting for her life, we never got so much as a phone call from Laura.”

“Morover, my moms ministry and life stood for and advocated for a lifestyle much different than that represented on the show,” Gabriel continued. “Associating the two together is an insult to her memory. I respectfully ask that you take this post down, and allow us the privacy we are due while we mourn.”

Initially, Laura is said to have deleted the comment left by Cathy Lechner’s son. Now, the entire post is gone from Laura Jallali’s Instagram.

There has been plenty of speculation about who Cathy Lechner is in relation to Laura. Some believe that she is the person Laura was working for illegally in Florida. Some may recall those accusations that were waged by her ex-husband when the drama with Liam was going on while The Other Way was still airing.

The ex-husband, Andre Leila, explained previously that Liam lives in Florida and is a U.S. citizen because that’s where Laura gave birth. In a Facebook rant, Leila wrote, “She worked illegally in Florida and got preggo 22 years ago with Liam, that’s how Liam is in Florida cause he was born there. She is Canadian she just got deported from the States when she just left to be with [Aladin].”

If Lechner’s family has had nothing to do with Laura for nearly two decades, as her son claimed, then it sounds like the family cut ties with Laura not long after Liam was born.

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